Chipotle isn’t just another fast-food place; it’s life. Here are some signs you may be addicted to Chipotle:

1. You wake up and the first thing on your mind is a burrito.

Photo by Xinwei Zeng

Photo by Xinwei Zeng

2. You plan your entire day around your Chipotle trip.

3. You entertain the idea of switching up your order, but the thought of ruining your perfectly crafted meal is just too much to bare.

4. No matter how ridiculously long the line is, you will wait. There is no line too long to keep you away from your true love.

5. You know that not all heroes wear capes.


Photo by Alexandra Jubault

6. The name “Qdoba” is just insulting.

7. You eat at Chipotle so often you’ve had to create a weekly burrito budget.

8. No matter how full you are, you somehow manage to finish the entire thing.

9. You know that guac is extra, but you also know that you can’t put a price on love.


Photo by Alex Weiner

10. A bite of your burrito is all it takes to brighten your day.

11. Just looking at this makes your mouth water:


Photo by Alexandra Jubault

12. You find comfort in the sight of a perfectly wrapped burrito.

13. Your idea of risk-taking is switching from pinto beans to black beans.

14. You believe the world should be divided into soft tortilla and crispy tortilla people.


Photo by Molly Krohe

15. You’re baffled by those who don’t know the difference between Barbacoa and Carnitas. That’s just common knowledge, right?

16. You take it personally when a Chipotle worker gets stingy with the portions.

17. There is no better feeling than finding that one chip smothered in lime and perfectly salted to deliciousness.

18. You cannot stand it when the person in front of you can’t decide what they want – how dare they keep you from your burrito any longer.


Photo by Becky Hughes

19. The Quesarito is no secret to you (which is just one of mouthwatering items on Chipotle’s secret menu).

20. The best day of your life was when you discovered the Chipotle app.

21. You find yourself obsessing over all the ways to hack the menu and enhance your delicious masterpiece without any extra charge.

22. You don’t try to kid yourself by denying the fact that you’re a Chipotle addict. It’s something you take pride in.

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