Vegan cheese: It can really bad, or really good, depending on which type you try. To keep your tastebuds intact, I tried some, and compiled a list of what I found to be the best vegan cheeses out there to help guide your dairy-free cheese shopping. 

1. Field Roast Chao Cheese

Chao cheeses are some of the best readily vegan cheeses out there. They have a creamy texture, cheesy deliciousness flavor, and melt well (the true test of a good vegan cheese). 

You can get Chao slices in original, Coconut Herb and Tomato Cayenne flavors, all of which are scrumptious on their own or in recipes. They also make frozen Mac'n'Chao cheese if you're craving some carby, cheesy goodness, vegan style. 

Best For: grilled cheeses, crackers, snacking

2. Kitehill Dairy-Free Chive Cream Cheese

Kitehill makes some of the tastiest dairy-free yogurts and cheese spreads. The Chive Cream Cheese in particular is flavorful and has a scrumptious tang and mouthfeel.

It's great on bagels or toast, or used as a dip. Kitehill's Plain and Jalapeño cream cheeses are worth trying, too.

Best For: bagels

3. Herbivous Butcher's Pepper Jack (or really any variety) Cheese

The cheeses at this Minneapolis-based vegan butchery are crazy good. The mouthfeel and flavors are on point, and are sure to please vegans and diary-lovers alike.

Pepper jack is super yummy in grilled "cheeses" and shredded on chili, but really, you can't go wrong with any addition. You can order from Herbivorous Butcher online.

Best For: snack plates and sandwiches

4. Treeline Cheese

Made from cashews, treeline cheeses contain natural cultures and are aged to perfection, giving them a distinct, deep aged-cheese flavor.

Treeline cheeses are spreadable and great for crackers, toasts, and on cheese platters, and come in a variety of flavors, including Cracked Pepper, Herb-Garlic, Chipotle Serrano and Scallion. Yum.

Best For: cheese plates

5. Miyoko's Kitchen

Miyoko's Kitchen makes a variety of artisanal cheeses — from VeganMozz to Smoked Gouda and Aged English Sharp Farmhouse — and they're all good. 

These cultured nut-products feel fancy and taste amazing. They can be a wee bit pricey, but the cheese is definitely worth it. Great for cheese plates, pastas, and fancy meals.

Best For: cheese plates and snacking

6. Punk Rawk Labs

This female-owned Minnesota company makes rockin' vegan cheeses, pun definitely intended. 

These fermented cashew cheeses have simple ingredients and come in a variety of enticing flavors, including Cashew Original, Smoked, Herbed, and a Nacho flavor made with carrot juice and spicy peppers. This stuff may sound odd, but is crazy good on pizza and sammies.

Best For: pizzas 

7. Kite Hill Ricotta

Kite Hill FTW once again. Vegan ricotta is hard to come by, but this stuff does not disappoint. With a slightly sweet, tangy flavor and full-bodied rich mouthfeel, this non-dairy ricotta is amazing on pasta, pizza, salads, spread on crusty bread, or in dessert dishes. 

Best For: cooking

8. Earth Balance Vegan Mac'N'Cheese

When it comes to vegan boxed mac'n'cheese, Earth Balance takes the cake. With more of the pseudo-cheesy boxed mac-flavor you know and love, reach for this stuff when you're craving nostalgia. 

Best For: when you need boxed mac

9. Trader Joe's Vegan Cream Cheese Spread

Katherine Baker

Trader Joe's shredded non-dairy cheese is nothing to write home about, and their Soy slices, for some reason, contain casein. But, their vegan cream cheese spread is delicious for bagels and baking, and is extremely budget-friendly. 

Pick up a tub for $2.99 and spread it on toast, swirl it through brownie batter, or use it to make vegan cream cheese frosting. It's a winner.

Best For: bagels and baking

10. DIY Parm

Kristine Mahan

Making your own parmesan cheese is easy, cheap, and satisfying. This stuff is amazing sprinkled on salads, pasta, and pizza. All you need is some nuts, nutritional yeast, and a wee bit of salt. 

Best For: salads and pasta

Whether you're plant-based or not, these vegan cheeses are some of the tastier options out there. Some vegan cheeses are totally meh, so skip those and give these a whirl next time you're feelin' cheesy, but want to stay clear of the dairy.