Top phrases said at Mexican restaurants are "pass the queso" and  "can I have a to-go box, please?" With Texas-sized portions and bottomless chips and dip, it is physically impossible to leave your favorite Tex-Mex spot hungry. 

Especially in the South, guacamole is a dietary staple and Taco Tuesday is a weekly tradition. Weekends consist of crunching on crispy chips dipped in cheesy queso among friends.  

Most Mexican cuisine foodies are familiar with toting a bag of Styrofoam treasure chests. After slumping into the driver's seat, the aroma of Mexican spices fills the car. At home, the refrigerator is rearranged to make room for leftovers; leftovers that never seem to embody the same restaurant-quality. Eventually, these scraps are thrown away or fed under the table to the dog … until now.

nachos, cheese
Karina Arnold

Beans, Rice and Meat

Leftovers have a freshness life span. Generally, beans, rice and meat can last a week after you bring them home. You can reheat these items with olive oil in a warm pan. You can also wrap your meat in a damp paper towel and pop it in the microwave. Removing and transferring meat from moist Styrofoam boxes into glass containers prevents chewy meat and smelly refrigerators.


Vegetables have a slightly shorter life span of 4-5 days post-dining. I recommend reheating vegetables over the stovetop or grill. If reheating over a stove, there is little need to grease the pan because the vegetables retained the original grease and oils from the restaurant. These will start to seep and crackle slightly in the pan. Cast-iron or non-stick skillets are ideal. 

avocado, beans
Karina Arnold

The Carbs and Dips

Like vegetables, I recommend eating chips and tortillas about 4 days after your original purchase. Use spreads like pico de gallo, queso, sour cream and guacamole within 1-3 days. To preserve the freshness and prevent browning on your guacamole, drizzle fresh lemon or lime juice on top.

rice, beans, asparagus
Karina Arnold

Don’t discard your leftovers. Use these tricks and recipes to enjoy your fiesta feast for a work lunch or home dinner. Fiesta like there is no mañana and dine like every day is Taco Tuesday.