So apparently, Taco Tuesday is not a national holiday. I know, I'm shocked too. But I will still be celebrating, and here are some recipes so that you can too. 

1. Black Bean Butternut Squash Tacos

salsa, beans, vegetable, tacos
Katherine Baker

Trying to eat healthy and shop exclusively at Trader Joe's? Try these vegan tacos; you won't even miss the meat. 

2. Shrimp Tacos

Jackie Kuczynski

This recipe is a lot easier than it looks. Just read up on knife techniques and then you're golden. 

3. Korean Bulgogi Beef Tacos

sauce, cilantro, steak, beef, chili, salsa, tacos
Benjamin Martin

Not in the mood to search for a food truck? These DIY Korean tacos are both spicy and savory. Not to mention you'll totally impress your friends with your cultured skills. 

4. Grapefruit Salsa Fish Tacos

salad, chicken, tomato, vegetable, pepper
Lynden Orr

I have never been more sad that I am allergic to grapefruit. But if you're not, then try this taco – it will  blow your mind and your Instagram feed, because the colors are so pretty. 

5. Bacon Weave Tacos

Duncan Brady

I think that this taco was the true inspiration of Hannah Montana's hit song, "The Best of Both Worlds." Tacos and bacon, do I even need to say more? 

6. Sugar Cookie Tacos

Audrey Mirabito

Tacos are perfect for all occasions, including dessert. It's like an ice cream sandwich, but better. 

7.  Frozen Pizza Taco

Christopher Garcia

You can take Domino's off your speed dial: frozen pizza is now gourmet. Just fold it up like a taco, and viola, drunk eats. You won't even be judged, I promise.

8. Taco Bell Double Decker

You want to go to Taco Bell? If it's too far away, you can always DIY it. You can even switch out the refried beans for some delicious guac, if you're really looking to get fancy.

9. Dining Hall Tacos

tacos, chicken, meat, fish, bread, cheese, salad, vegetable, tomato, lettuce
Amanda Fritz

You can use meal swipes and still eat well. Just grab some meat, corn, tomatoes, and tortilla, and then you're all set. And if you're dining hall is ultra-fancy and has avocados, plop those on top too.

10. Choco Tacos

Dylan Barth

Don't doubt me. It is worth it to make this instead of just buy one in the vending machine. These are magical.

11. Breakfast Tacos

For only $1.40, you can make a killer breakfast taco. I am completely serious. 

With these recipes, I will not judge you if you observe Taco Tuesday every single week. Maybe even every single day. It could be an all-taco diet, right?