Ever get a little too cooped up at Swat and want to get into the city but then realize you have too much work? Well lucky for you, twice a year the Co-Op brings a little of the city into town with their Food-Truckathon event. Five cooks dish out everything from wood fired pizzas at Pizza Wagon, to Korean fusion at Ka’Chi Truck, to the ridiculously addictive fried Wisconsin cheese curds at Cow & the Curd. Other trucks included Taco Mondo, Foo Truck, Made in the Shade, Farm Truck, Mac Mart, Little Baby’s Ice Cream, Sum Pig, Zsa’s and Poi Dog.

Trucks side view

Photo by Tess Wei


Buffalo Chicken Pizza from the Pizza Wagon, Photo by Tess Wei

Grilled cheese front

Crab Dip Grilled Cheese from The Sunflower Truck Stop, Photo by Tess Wei

In a gluttonous food binge like no other, I sampled food from five out of the 12 trucks. Warning: do not try to eat this much on your own kids…
Mac Mart:
Mac Mart makes (you guessed it!) a whole slew of bubbly mac n cheese dishes, all of which are a far cry from Kraft. It was a difficult decision between the Heart Attack Mac (Mac n Cheese with parmesan, bacon and Ritz cracker crumble) and the BBQ Mac (Classic Mac with house made BBQ sauce, chicken and cornbread topping). But ultimately I chose the latter, and it did not disappoint. A silky, creamy, classic mac laced with chunks of white meat chicken, tangy, smokey, not-too-sweet BBQ sauce and a crazy good cornbread topping. I slathered it all with a little Sriracha (because why not?), and I was definitely in a better place.

Mac and Cheese close up

BBQ Mac, Photo by Tess Wei

Ka’Chi Truck: I love Korean food. The Ka’Chi truck did not disappoint, offering pork belly sliders topped with crisp lettuce and juicy, perfectly ripe tomatoes on local artisan rolls. The pork belly was steeped in a blend of spices, and it melted on the tongue like butter. Even better was the classic Bulgogi rice bowl: a classic dish of rice topped with Korean chopped beef, drenched in kimchee and hot sauce. Did I mention that I love Korean food?

Pork Belly Slider

Pork Belly Slider, Photo by Tess Wei

Ka'Chi beef

Bulgogi Rice Bowl, Photo by Tess Wei


Tacos also offered at Ka’Chi, Photo by Tess Wei


Rice Balls also offered at Ka’Chi, Photo by Tess Wei

Walking back to pass out in my dorm was tough, but no doubt about it: definitely worth it.

A sweet ending with an ice cream sandwich complete with chocolate chip-oatmeal cookies, Photo by Tess Wei