Dragging yourself out of bed for that 9L or early morning drill can be a pain. Humans are not meant to get up this early—especially not after a long night of studying… or doing whatever college students do.

There are no more parents waking you up with the scent of breakfa—


Photo courtesy of 92Pixels

Is that bacon? Yes, yes it is.

Oscar Mayer has engineered a Bacon Scent Alarm Clock for iPhones (sorry Android users), which will surely have you jumping out of your bed. When the alarm goes off, not only will it give off the sound of sizzling bacon, but the device will also emit the scent of bacon. You can download the app from iTunes but without the device, your mornings will unfortunately be bacon-scentless.

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Luckily, Oscar Mayer has created a sweepstakes for fans to win the device. Answer a few questions and see if you won. Tip: When entering three words to describe Oscar Mayer bacon, do not include commas. Just type in the words.

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor. Maybe a magical box will reveal itself to you after you enter. Stay tuned, we might just be raffling off an Oscar Mayer Bacon Scent Alarm Clock.

Wake Up & Smell The Bacon - Dartmouth

Photo courtesy of Oscar Mayer