A kitchen is a commodity. To some, the kitchen is a lab to experiment with new recipes. To others, the kitchen is a therapeutic haven. To all, the kitchen is necessary for food. Although the kitchen is a necessity, certain circumstances can limit kitchen and appliance access. Living in a dorm, fraternity, sorority or host family home can limit kitchen and appliance access. That's a problem.   

Studying abroad is an adventure I recommend to all; however, as a broad abroad, not having access to a kitchen drains my body and wallet. Going out to eat every day seems like a dream, but living with an empty wallet and stomach full of empanadas is not so sustainable. Similarly, my freshman year at the University of Oklahoma was spent in a dorm room with no appliances or kitchen. Through creativity, smart and spunky-wit (but mostly with the help of Google), I learned that having no appliances is not a problem. Here are five recipes that require little-to-no kitchen aid:

1. Overnight Oats

Karina Arnold

This no-bake breakfast is perfect for a hectic morning or pre-workout snack. Appliances needed: a refrigerator or cooler. Buying a large bag of oats won’t break the bank and the numerous flavor combinations never get boring. In my host home, I soaked these oats in an empty peanut butter jar and topped them with milk, chia seeds, blueberries and cinnamon.

2. Sushi Rolls

After trying some of the best Asian restaurants in Oklahoma, I attempted my own roll. This sashimi roll (a sushi roll without rice) was fun to make and tasty to eat. Warning: making sushi and sashimi involves delicacy, precision and the power to resist over-stuffing. Leave at least an inch of seaweed paper empty and use lukewarm water to seal. 

3. Vegan Sandwiches 

Raw-dog your next sandwich. Two pieces of bread, hummus, lettuce and a vegan veggie patty has been my go-to lunch for on-the-go. Buy vegan patties because they do not require cooking to consume. Veggie patties often have raw eggs, and only savages eat meat patties raw. The vegan patty sandwich has been my most reliable, delicious and filling no-tools-needed recipe. 

4. Open-Faced Banana Split 

My dorm room floor was no five-star kitchen, but it did have great surface area to make this banana split breakfast. Simply split a ‘nana in half, and drizzle nut butter or Greek yogurt on top. Sprinkle it with granola, seeds and/or cinnamon.

#SpoonTip: Make sure your roommates don’t step on your masterpiece while you are “cooking” on the floor. 

5. Stuffed Sweet Potato 

vegetable, pork, beef, meat
Emily Hu

Steam your spuds without a stove. The only appliance you need is a microwave. After stabbing your sweet potato more times than Caesar, place the tater on a microwave-safe dish and heat for 5-8 minutes, depending on your potato size. Once done, slice open (careful, it's extremely hot), stuff it with cheese and spinach, and season it to taste. Let it cool while cheese melts and spinach slightly wilts. Dip in BBQ sauce or sour cream to enjoy a Southern comfort classic in the sanctuary of your 4x4, kitchen-less room. 

A kitchen-less cook is like a fish out of water. Although I loved #dormlyfe and enjoy traveling abroad, I do yearn for my sanctuary, my haven, my therapy ... in the kitchen. Having no appliances seems like a problem. However, with innovation and an open mind, creative and delicious cooking can happen outside of the kitchen. Bone Apple Teeth.