Are you constantly seeking out the best food places around Norman? Does the thought of writing articles on a world famous platform give you goosebumps? Are you a party person all about throwing the coolest events on campus? If you said yes to any of these, then Spoon OU is the place for you! If you aren’t completely sold, here are five more reasons you should join Spoon: 

1. Norman & OKC Have Really Good Food

Norman may be a small college town, but boy is it filled with great places to eat. Whether you’re craving mac and cheese on a hotdog, or a Sangria Swirl Margarita, Norman has got you covered. Also, downtown Oklahoma City is a short 30 minute drive away— giving us access to even more amazing restaurants.

2. You’ll Make Friends With Other Foodies on Campus

College is a big, scary place where making friends is key. And better way to build friendships than over your love of food?! Joining Spoon will instantly set you up with a group of people who love eating as much as you do.

3. It’ll Give You a Reason to Take Pics of Your Food

Are you that person who can’t touch their food until they take a bomb pic of it? Now you have a legit reason to. Spoon is all about our social media, and your next food pic could end up on @Spoon_OU. Every college student is on Instagram nowadays, so what better way to show off our food knowledge than with a daily food pic.

4. Fun Way to Boost Your Resumé

For one, Spoon just launched at OU, which would make you a part of the start up. Also, with positions in many different areas, such as photography, videography, writing and marketing, you can find a position that you’re passionate about and be able to add it to your resume. Being a part of something that looks good to future employers and also gives you a reason to eat food: What’s not to love?

5. Help Your College Friends Not Eat Boring Food

Don’t let your friends be those college students who eat ramen for EVERY meal. Spoon is a publication for college students by college students, basically giving OU a guide on how to spice up their meals. Whether it’s on their meal plan at the Caf to easy recipes they can make at home, we are the resource for eating good food on a college student budget.

All University of Oklahoma foodies welcome! Click here to apply.