Frost week—also known as the first week back at school after winter break—is going to be a chilly one in Ontario. With youthful Canadian spirit in our hearts, Queen's students have shown time and time again that cold weather won't stop us from trekking to the hub in short skirts and t-shirts.

Many students are sure to be boozing before the school work starts piling up, so make the experience even better by sipping on a hot, spiked beverage. These warm drinks are perfect for getting cozy with your friends and loved ones or getting turnt before heading to Stages.

1. Red Wine Hot Chocolate

cappuccino, candy, espresso, hot chocolate, pudding, sweet, coffee, cream, milk, chocolate
Christine Chang

Marrying these two super-rich foods is nothing short of genius. A lot of us consume them separately, but combined, they're pure magic. With just three simple ingredients, red wine hot chocolate is easy to make and sure to warm you up. Just be careful not to fall asleep before you leave the house!

2. Irish Coffee

decaffeinated coffee, mocha, black coffee, cappuccino, espresso, coffee
Asia Coladner

You definitely won't be falling asleep sipping this caffeinated concoction of coffee, sugar, and whiskey. Irish coffee is normally drunk on St Patrick's Day, but hey, it's frost week. If you're feeling ambitious, top it with homemade or vegan whipped cream.

3. Apple Cider Hot Toddy

Apple cider with whisky

WarmSleepy on Flickr

Your classic apple cider is now extra classy and fit for adulting. This is another simple recipe made from green or black tea, rye whiskey or bourbon, real apple cider, and lemon.

Most of us love hot chocolate, coffee, and apple cider, so if you're going to be drinking anyway, why not spice it up with a little booze?

These three drinks are super cute and perfect for when you're having friends over and want to make something special. "Cheers" to a great semester!