The holiday season is upon us, bringing joy, happiness and cheer for those who are not suffering from finals. College students across the nation are cramming, stressing and fearing for their GPA, all while still having to plan for the actual holidays and their impending arrivals back home. But before we pack up our dorms and head to our hometowns, it's become necessary to celebrate the holidays with your school clique. Secret Santa can be boring, so why not try a White Elephant food swap this year?

"Friendsgiving" took Thanksgiving break by storm with friends planning elaborate dinners that mocked the real day. Now with Christmas and Hanukkah approaching, it's time to draw names and prepare for Secret Santa. However, if you're like me, thinking of gifts to get myself is hard, let alone for other people.

Each year I struggle trying to find the perfect gift for my friends, which just adds on to the stress I already have from finals. This year, give Secret Santa a break and do a White Elephant Food Swap to alleviate that stress and get some delicious treats out of it. Here's a list of reasons why White Elephant is superior to Secret Santa. 

1. It's Cheaper

If you missed out on Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals, don't fret. College students are notoriously broke, and boxes of cake or cookie dough cost significantly less than any other tangible gift. Bring in the new year with some extra change in your bank account, because let's be real, you'll need it.

2. It's More Personal 

You know how they take their coffee, what pleases their sweet tooth, or if they would die for anything chocolate. Tailor your gift to feed your friend's soul, literally, and show how much you really know them to make their heart happy. 

3. You'll Actually Use It

Do you know how many necklaces or articles of clothing I got as gifts that I never wear? Tons. Do you know how many trays of brownies or cookies I have that are still laying around? Negative. Get your friends something they will love at first sight, devour in seconds and feel guilty for their health after. 

4. You Can Get More Creative

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Christian Stafford

Unless you're the Grinch or Scrooge, it's impossible to not feel the holiday spirit directly after Thanksgiving ends. It seems that stores also get into the holiday spirit and decorate before Black Friday deals have been sold out. Destress from test taking and bring the holiday spirit and these decorating skills to the kitchen and make some festive treats to bring the warmest seasons greetings to your friends.

5. Because Alcohol

Finish out finals week strong with the best gift of them all, alcohol. What better way to celebrate the holidays with your family (trust me, you'll need it), than with your favorite bottle of booze gifted from your bestie? You can go traditional with their preferred flavor of Burnett's, or even try out some festive cocktails, like these "A Christmas Carol" themed drinks. 

Let the stress eating commence! Grab your friends, swap your gifts and devour. It's the holidays, remember, calories don't count. Plus, you can get a head start on planning your New Year's resolutions. Note to self: please go to the gym this year.