If you're anything like me, you're on Instagram all the time. Like, all the time. It's kind of embarrassing. As a UA student, it's nice to see some carefully composed pics of food porn on my insta feed. It breaks up the nonsense pictures of girls I sort of know at darties wearing trendy sunglasses while they hold a terrified puppy that clearly doesn't belong to them.

This is all thrilling stuff, really, but I wanna see some fried shrimp up in here. If we're on the same page because you're a low key foodie, here's a list of the best food Instagram AKA "foodsta" accounts based in Tuscaloosa that you need to follow ASAP.


This foodsta is run by our very own writer, Virginia Dodenhoff. I love this account because not only do I get to see awesome pics of classic T-Town dishes like messy fries, but some of the best that New Orleans (NOLA) has to offer as well. Virginia grew up in NOLA and visits all the time. She never fails to document the good eats she gets up to when she's away from Alabama. 


@tastenotlooks is run by Spoon Bama photographer, Madison Stream. What I love most about this account is that she updates it on the reg, which I respect. Her photos are also super high quality so if you're into seeing the detail of the food, she has you in business. 


This account is run by the lovely and talented Jenny Guffy. What I love about this account is the diversity of it. You never know what Jenny is up to or what she's eating but she never fails to update you on the good stuff. Def recommend following for everything from desserts, to açaí bowls to sushi.


The owner of this foodie account is UA student, Kat Nein. If you like pizza then you'll like Kat because this girl seriously loves pizza and her insta account shows it. She may study at Alabama but she hails from California and she never fails to include some beautiful shots of In-N-Out which I'm sure is something we can all appreciate. 


This account is one of many Soul Grown Alabama accounts. They also have one for Alabama as a whole, Birmingham and Montgomery. What I love about this account is that they showcase the best of Tuscaloosa whether it's a location, a concert or food. They make me want to venture into Northport more often. It's a great account for discovering hidden gems that you never would have known about otherwise. 


That's two underscores. This account is run by New Jersey native and Bama's Editorial Director, Kate Steiner. What I love about Kate's account is that since Kate is from Jersey, she posts photos of Tuscaloosa food in between shots of Northeastern dishes too. It's a nice change of pace for this fellow Northerner. Kate's account will show you the best of Title Town from fries to fine dining, she's got you covered. When she's not editing our articles, she's taking some dope food pics.


If you love coffee like I do then you should have followed this account like, yesterday. I'm not entirely sure who Cait is but I do know she is a student here at UA, so that's cool. I love this account because pictures of coffee bring me so much happiness. I can't explain why that is, but I love seeing this girl's adventures through something as simple as a cup of coffee. One day she's studying in a local coffee shop and next she's at some cool restaurant in Washington D.C. just hanging out with a cute mug. She also tells you what she ordered and rates the coffee on a scale of one to 10 so you know whether or not it's worth it to get what she ordered. 


This is the Instagram account for Spoon's Alabama chapter and not to toot our own horn anything, but honestly it's lit. This account features the best of what Tuscaloosa has to offer, food wise. Expect pictures of everything from fast food to stadium nachos, to tuna tar tar. No matter what your taste is, Spoon Bama has your back, so hit it with a follow. 

The next time you're stuck on where to go to dinner feel free to check out some of these foodstas to see what looks good. You might just find the perfect date night spot, or your new favorite ice cream place. Shopping local and trying new things is good for everyone, so get on Instagram, get out there and enjoy all that Tuscaloosa has to offer. Happy eating!