Your alarm clock sounds, and you can hear Lee Corso’s voice yelling, “Get Up! It’s Game Day!” You jump out of bed and hit the showers, washing off the bad decisions from the night before. Blow dry your hair, put your make up on, then put on your outfit that you've been planning for months. How could you forget the most important part – your game day pin? You head over to the quad to tailgate. 

You’re a few Yellow Hammer’s deep and you feel a slight buzz, but it’s not from the drinks. It’s from that 16th National Championship we just one. The busses roll up, and the team struts down the Walk of Champions in their suit and ties. It’s almost time to head up those ramps into Alabama’s place of worship: Bryant Denny.

Your heart is racing because it's almost game time. Your average fan watches them make their way to the locker room and is dreaming about kick off, but you have something else on your mind and you know I do too—Denny Dogs. That’s right. Easily the best part of any Alabama football game.

Denny Dogs are no joke. My friend Laura told once that she ate five Denny Dogs in the duration of one game. But what makes the Denny Dog out of this world? Maybe it's the whole experience of being in the stadium watching the world's greatest college football program womp all over almost every team they play. Or maybe it’s the aesthetic of the foil wrapper.

Whether you're a traditionalist and put ketchup and mustard on your dog, or if you're feeling crazy and put sauerkraut on your dog, it doesn't matter (maybe one day I'll be brave enough to put nacho cheese or Dreamland barbecue on my Denny Dog). All Denny Dogs are created equal in Bryant Denny. 

I'm going to be real with you here. Being an Alabama football fan is hard work. It takes a lot of time and dedication. The week leading up to a game is jam-packed with different events and social gatherings. People are setting up their tailgates on The Quad days in advance. We're constantly watching ESPN to check out the competition, and we still have to go to class. It's crazy.

Us Alabama football fans deserve to eat one (or  five) Denny Dogs. These hotdogs are our own little National Championship trophies. Yes, Alabama fan, all your hard work has paid off. It's finally game day, and you deserve nothing but the best. Eat that dog and enjoy the game. 

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Nothing feels better then when the game is over, and you have a crimson and white shaker in your right hand, a Denny Dog in your left, and you’re screaming “We just beat the hell out of you!!” to some poor unfortunate souls on the opposing team.

Here's to another great season of Alabama football. Eat as many Denny Dogs as you can on the #RoadTo17 (I'll see you in those long lines at the concession stands.)