Bumble, Tinder, Grindr, or the person you met at the bar — no matter how you met, you're going on a dinner date. And don't lie, we all know you and your friends stalked your date via Instagram, Facebook, and even Venmo to get to know a little more about the lucky person sitting across the table from you. However, at the restaurant, knowing what your date's order says about them can instantly tell you if they're a hard no or a heck yes. Here's how to read a date's personality, based on what they order.  


If they order a salad on the first date, it's an immediate red flag. Okay, maybe that's a tad harsh, but if they order a salad as their entree, then it's obvious they care about their health and appearance. It's not a make or break decision about whether they'll get a second date, which maybe is a good thing in the long run. But it does put some pressure on me to order a salad as well, and tbh, mama needs more food than just a salad.


I like someone who likes burgers. To me, it shows a sense of confidence and comfort with the environment they're in. They're perfectly fine ordering whatever they wants, even if it gets a little messy. Confidence is one of the main qualities I look for in a date, so I would definitely pursue this one for a second date as long as their appetite matches their communication skills.


If someone takes me out for sushi on the first date, they're definitely getting a second date. I could be a little biased with sushi being my favorite food and all, but there's something special about a person who likes sushi. In my experience, people who like sushi tend to be more outgoing and willing to try new things. I mean, whether it's in the kitchen or elsewhere, being open-minded is never a bad thing.

Most Expensive Thing on the Menu

Ca-ching. This date is a big spender and (hopefully) if they're paying for dinner, then I have the freedom to order whatever I please. Granted, on a first date, I tend to not order the most expensive item on the menu, but if I know that they have the money to treat themselves, then that gives me the confidence to treat myself, too. This date seems like the type of person who enjoys spoiling their significant other, and we all deserve someone like that.

Something Complicated

Unless they have a real dietary restriction, if they have to substitute more than one thing with their order, I'm already thinking they're high maintenance. I may be too harsh with this one, but if they have more issues with the menu than I do, then I most likely won't want a second date with this person. 

Something Off the Menu

Initially, I'm impressed. Maybe they knows the chef, which is super cool and convenient, or maybe they take all of their other dates here, too, which is kind of awkward. If it was me, I wouldn't read into it too much on the first date. However, keep your guard up if things seem off on the later dates because you may have yourself a suave player.

First dates can either be the start of something new or can easily crash and burn. Although there are already a million things running through your head when you meet someone new, don't overlook what they order, because it can say a lot about who they are as a person. And side note: Perhaps you should also think about your order, like maybe avoiding that onion garlic dip appetizer if you're looking to get a kiss goodnight.