Picture yourself on the beach, watching the tide come in and out. The hot sun is beating down on your skin and you're starting to break a sweat. You think about how refreshing an acai bowl would be in that moment, but crave to mix up your usual order. Here are five acai bowl ingredients you need to be using in 2017.

Beet Powder 

My beet (powder) is bad and boujee... but really though. Beet powder gives you seemingly endless amounts of stamina, refreshes your body's overall cardiovascular health, and provides key antioxidants that many people lack in their diet. And at around $2 per serving, it's pretty affordable. Last but not least, beet powder gives your acai bowls a brilliant magenta color that will leave you lovestruck. 


For all of you who enjoy acai bowls because they're just plain photogenic and want to know how to make Insta-worthy breakfast bowls, you'll love this addition. With its vibrant pea green color, it'll make you feel like your body's a temple that's cleansed of all things toxic. Spirulina, a close relative to Chlorella, is a superfood & literal green magic. Plus, spirulina provides 3900% more iron compared to Spinach. 

#SpoonTip: Depending on the type of spirulina you purchase, the flavors can vary from tasteless to potent. I suggest blending it with your favorite fruit medley to make it more pleasant.


Everyone constantly talks about "chia this, chia that", but no one gives any credit what-so-ever to my favorite - flaxseed. With just 1 to 2 tablespoons of flax seed, you can dramatically trigger your hair, skin & nails to absolutely THRIVE. All you have to do is sprinkle it in the bowl.

I will never understand why this powerhouse is so underrated. Flaxseeds give your acai bowl a different texture, can protect you from various types of cancer, and is an exceptional source of healthy fat and fiber. So next time you wanna add chia seeds, maybe try out some flaxseed instead. 

Trail Mix

Another ingredient that's so simple yet has the ability to add so much complementary flavors to your bowl is trail mix. My brand recommendation would be GourmetNut Power Up trail mixes (Gogi Power or Summer Trails are superb). 

Trail mix is a snack that packs a punch when eaten solo, but when added to a faux-ice-cream-dream, aka acai bowl, it's on a whole other level. Also, trail mix is ideal for on-the-go people, and those who want to whip up an exquisite ingredient filled bowl — minus the prep time.

Bee Pollen

Bee pollen is a natural remedy that is tiny, yet mighty. These itty-bitty specks of yellow are not only a great way to add a little something extra to your bowl, but also known as the most nutritious food a person can consume. I always reach for this on long, hectic days because it's an appetite suppressor and an immunity builder.

#SpoonTip: These items can get expensive depending on where you're shopping, but I found all of these ingredients for $5-10 each at my local HomeGoods. Yay for steals and deals.

Needless to say, your acai bowls are about to be revamped and revitalized in 2017. So go forth, and expand your acai bowl horizons.

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