We all have gone through the internet looking for some easy Brownies and end up wielding recipes but what mostly we get in return is ingredients which are hard to find or procedure a bit hard to follow. Here we are going to share a recipe, which can be made from any kind of biscuits available at home ( and yes, stale ones can be used too), is fulfilling and really easy to make


1. Biscuits - I generally use Oreo biscuits or ParleG. (Others can be used too)

2. Sugar - if you are using parle G or other highly sweetened ones avoid using too much sugar otherwise 3-4 tablespoons are enough.

3. Milk - enough to mix all the ingredients.

4. Eno - blue Eno, specifically.

5. Coffee powder - for taste.

6. Walnuts/almonds - if you want.

7. Gems- for garnishing.


1. Crumble the biscuits , if you are using cream biscuits remove the cream.2. Add sugar to it and mix well in the mixer , until fine powder is made.

3. Pour this in a bowl and add milk to it making it consistent enough.

4. Then add a little coffee powder , walnuts ,almonds or whatever nuts you like.

5. Meanwhile , take another bowl and glaze it with butter from inside. Do this step just before you are about to start baking.

6. Now add less than half a spoon blue Eno in the mixture and mix well.

7. Pour this mixture in the glazed bowl and microwave it for 3-4 minutes; until you can smell the good warm brownies.

.8.Pierce a little with the knife to check if it's done.

9. Put gems on the brownie, pour over some chocolate syrup and enjoy :)

Hence, you have a really sweet feast to feed your taste buds on!

(Disclaimer: The editor too loved the recipe and went away instantly to prepare it, and he loved what his taste buds saw!)