When I was planning my trip to London, food was the first thing on my mind. As an avid foodie, I wanted to make the most of my six days there by trying every trendy and aesthetic food location possible. London is full of delicious markets, fantastic Indian food, and Instagram-worthy dessert trends I got a taste of London this winter and these were my favorite spots I checked out.  

Where the Pancakes Are

Hannah Freiberg

Where the Pancakes Are is the perfect breakfast spot. It has a cute, homey feel to it and of course, delicious pancakes. I tried the Dutch Pancakes with blueberry and apple and absolutely fell in love. 

Borough Market 

Hannah Freiberg

Probably the most popular market in London, Borough Market definitely lives up to the hype. With products like cheese and tons of fresh produce, you can grocery shop, as well as enjoy various #eeeeeats. I opted for the latter, choosing a tasty panini from Gastronomica, a doughnut from Bread Ahead Bakery, and so much more. I love markets like these because there are great choices for just about anyone. 

KERB Camden Market 

Hannah Freiberg

Although this market is a little outside the heart of London, it's definitely worth the trip. At KERB, a sector within the overflowing Camden Market, there are tons of food options to choose from. Some of my favorites were the delicious pork buns from Bian Dang, Crispy katsu chicken from Katsu House, and the desserts from Chin Chin Labs. 

I opted for a salted caramel nitrogen ice cream with a chocolate shell and a chocolate cookie from Chin Chin Labs (pictured above). It was hands down one of the best desserts I've ever had. The chocolate shell added a perfect crunch to the sweet and salty ice cream. Plus, the chocolate cookie gave it an excellent caramel-to-chocolate ratio. KERB reminded me of NYC's food-festival, Smorgasburg, on steroids.


Hannah Freiberg

Scott's is probably the fanciest restaurant on this list, but it's still a must-visit. All the fish was super fresh, with my personal favorite being the prawns. Think of this place as if it were your favorite steakhouse, but instead of meat, it has decadent, divine fish. From salmon to lobster, Scott's had it all, including impeccable service. This was the last place I ate in London, and it was the perfect way to end the trip. 

Boca di Lupo

Hannah Freiberg

Boca di Lupo is the quintessential pre-theater spot. With classic and unique pasta dishes, there is something for everyone. I enjoyed the pasta pictured above which was similar to tortellini and linguini with clams. You can sit at the counter and watch the kitchen, or sit at a table in the back. 


I couldn't go to London and not eat Indian food, so after many recommendations, I chose to visit Amaya. For many years, London has been known for great Indian food. At Amaya, there were tons of options that were all delicious, with the grilled prawns being a favorite of mine. This was authentic Indian food that had lots of spice. 

There are so many amazing restaurants to visit in London, and I can't wait to go back and try more! But for now, I'll be reminiscing about all the food I ate there.