There's tons of excitement going around this time of year. Halloween is approaching, which means Thanksgiving and Christmas aren't far behind. To add even more excitement, Chrissy Teigen has been making progress on her next cookbook, said to be released early next year.

Chrissy Teigen is pretty awesome. She's a model, cookbook author, and to sum it up using her Twitter bio, a "high-quality person." She's known for many things, including, of course, her strong Twitter presence, no bullshit attitude, and her cooking. Her cookbook Cravings was published in February 2016, and a new one is coming soon. In fact, she's been previewing the new cookbook since 2016. 

While it may seem like it's been awhile, the delay is due to her postpartum depression and she's needed to take some time off. Chrissy has been open about her struggle, and self-care is most important. Refinery29 spoke with Chrissy and got some updates on Cravings Part 2. She began working on it again this past April, and after her break, Chrissy has been really enjoying the process, saying, "I'm really starting to feel like myself again," which is great to hear. She also said she hopes to have it out by early next year, so get your countdowns ready. 2018 is already quickly approaching.

If that's not enough, Chrissy has been updating her Instagram the past week, keeping everyone up to date on the process. She posted this photo, captioned "Wrapping up cookbook day 3!" This means we are getting closer and closer to her next batch of recipes.

She then posted a photo of her and her daughter saying it was the last day of cookbook shooting. How cute are Chrissy and Luna in their matching avocado outfits? And where can I get one? Hello Halloween costume inspo.

While you're anxiously awaiting the cookbook's release, try out some recipes from Cravings to keep you occupied. Check out this experience to inspire you. Here's hoping Chrissy's new cookbook is a sign of great things to come along with the new year.