Picture this: You and your BFF walk into a Halloween party. The room is filled with red solo cups, girls in mouse ears, and also questionable-looking jello shots. Suddenly, everyone turns to look at you. Is it because you're dressed as cats? No. It's because you've turned up as ketchup and mustard bottles, and it's epic.

Okay, okay, food-related Halloween costumes aren't the sexiest thing in the world, but they're creative. And honestly, there's nothing better than dressing up in a hilarious costume with your BFF. Choose whatever food best describes your friendship. If you love Italian recipes, go as pasta and Parmesan. If you live to turn up on the weekends, go as gin and tonic. Here are 11 food-related Halloween costumes for you and a friend that are not just Taco Bell hot sauce packets. 

1. Pizza Delivery Man + Pizza

If your friendship is based on delivering cheesy memes to one another (you see what I did there?), then check out this DIY delivery man and pizza costume. Bonus points if the box actually contains pizza that you can hand out or drunk eat on the way home from the party.

2. Bacon + Eggs

Honestly, what's not to love about a lazy Sunday morning fry-up? If you and your BFF are bacon-lovers (you have to get that protein, amiright?), then you can make this food-related Halloween costume.

3. Ice Cream + Sprinkles

Look how happy that child is. It's literally impossible not to be excited when you're wearing this sprinkles costume. If you're the tamer of the pair, then check out this matching vanilla ice cream costume.

4. Milk + Cookies

Okay, this milk and cookies costume is #friendshipgoals. If you've been BFFs since kindergarten, then this throwback costume to your favorite childhood snack is the perfect way to celebrate your bond.

5. Milk + Cereal

If you and your BFF both live for Froot Loops, check out this costume. Also, get pumped because Kellogs is now selling unicorn Froot Loops, and yes, they come in somewhat glittery box.

6. Ketchup + Hot Dog + Mustard

If you're part of a Three Musketeers group, then don't worry; this costume has all of you sorted. Actually hitting up your fave late night hot dog spot like Martha Stewart at Papaya King is heavily encouraged while wearing this. Do it for the 'gram.

7. Fries + Guys

If your BF or best guy friend is willing to trail you around the party (what a guy), then this fries > guys costume is a must. If that isn't going to happen, then dress your bestie up in this matching hamburger outfit instead.

8. Starbucks' Frappe + Barista

If you have every Starbz location in your city memorized, then this Starbucks Frappe costume is for you. Make a second costume for your BFF, or get her to dress up as a barista.

9. Lime + Lemon + Orange

Grab your main squeeze and get started on these citrus-inspired costumes. Pro tip: if you get a spray tan that goes wrong before Halloween, then this orange costume is the perfect way to make it look intentional. Just saying.

10. Lemon Pie + Key Lime Pie + Pumpkin Pie

These pie slice costumes are ridiculously easy to make. As someone that thrives on PSLs (I know, I'm living my best basic self), this pumpkin pie slice is my dream costume.

11. Cherry Soda + Lime Soda + Orange Soda

These soda costumes look impressive, but they're actually just made out of adhesive felt and a pie tin. Get creative and rep your favorite soda brand. Irn Bru, anyone?

The best part about these food-related Halloween costumes is that you can throw them together last minute. All you need is your BFF (or BF), some glue, and a whole lot of imagination.

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