Just when you thought the Unicorn trend was finally over, Kellogs brought it back in the form of limited-edition Unicorn Froot Loops. 

Although they still taste land look somewhat like your classic Froot Loops, the new pink, purple, and yellow cereal comes in a glittery box with a unicorn plastered on the front. (Side note: I'm pretty sure I had a Lisa Frank notebook that looked similar to this in grade school.) 

If you like to start your morning off on a sugar high, or you're just one of those people that wears tank tops with the words "I Eat Glitter For Breakfast," then this cereal is for you. No judgements here.

According to Metro UK, the cereal is "fortified with useful minerals and vitamins, such as vitamins C, B, calcium, and iron," and is "high in fiber, low in saturated fat, and uses only natural colors." But yes, it probably still does have a sh*t ton of sugar in it. 

A serving of the classic Froot Loops (1 cup) has 10 grams of sugar in it. That's about 40 percent of the American Heart Association's recommendation for a woman's daily added sugar intake, and about  27 percent of a man's. So yeah, this probably isn't the best thing to eat every morning, but we ate it as a kid and we turned out fine so far, right?  

Sadly, these babies are exclusively available in the UK right now. But if you're not a Brit and you still want a unicorn-esque breakfast, you can always get the traditional Froot Loops and take it up a notch by sprinkling a little edible glitter on top, or go for healthy unicorn toast.

I think Froot Loops are great, and the Unicorn edition is basically the same as the traditional. But for me, personally, I'm hoping unicorn food dies down and soon. I'm ready for the next big food trend, because this one is getting a little stale.