Scotland is known for its bagpipes, castles, and tartan, but its food is also something worth writing home about. When I studied abroad in Dundee, Scotland last fall semester, I made it my mission to try all of the foods I came across. While some of the dishes were strange at first, I loved the national dishes and snacks the country had to offer. 

One year later, I still crave these dishes that you can only get in Scotland or the British Isle. 

1. Sausage Rolls From Greggs  

For 75p a roll, Greggs saved both my wallet and my stomach. The thought of the flaky and buttery pastry in itself is enough to get me back on a plane back to Scotland. 

2. Hot Chocolate Float From Mary's Milk Bar, Edinburgh 

Mary’s Milk Bar is famous for their homemade gelatos' unique flavors. What really puts this place over the edge is their hot chocolate floats. Simply choose a gelato flavor and experience the hot chocolate swirling with the smooth ice cream (the salted caramel gelato/hot chocolate combo is my #1). 

3. Haggis

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She may not be the most attractive, but she's beautiful to me, okay? Scotland’s national dish is basically made of all the things in a sheep you don’t want to know about—the liver, heart, and the lungs—combined with a bunch of spices (my bad to the vegetarians reading this).

Shown here with traditional neeps and tatties (turnips and potatoes), haggis can be eaten so many ways, but it’s always equally tasty.

4. Fish and Chips

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If you don’t eat anything deep fried are you even in Scotland? Anstruther Fish Bar is a legendary chippy in St. Andrews and arguably one of the best in the world. America needs to get on Scotland's level. 

5. Irn Bru

Irn Bru is the unofficial official drink of Scotland, after whiskey of course. Yes, the drink is orange, but the flavor is like a diluted version of  bubblegum cold medicine in the best possible way. It’s sweet, it’s tangy, and most importantly, it’s great with vodka.

6. Beans on Toast

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BEANS. ON. TOAST. A popular breakfast in the British Isle, beans on toast is one of those things that never fails to disappoint. And Heinz Beans are available in America. Winning.

Eat all these foods in one day and you are sure to magically have a thick brogue, a permanent kilt, and the ability to start downing whiskey like there’s no tomorrow. Here's to Scotland.

Before and after eating Scottish food like: