Chrissy Teigen is goals for so many reasons. She artfully shuts down haters like President Donald Trump on social media, she posts the funniest drunk snapchats, her body is incredible, and she tears it up behind the DJ booth on Lip Sync Battle.

Unless you've been living in a parallel universe, I'm sure you've also developed a huge crush on Chrissy Teigen. Not only is she married to John Legend, who has the voice of an angel — they also have the cutest baby EVER. On top of that, the woman knows how to freakin' cook.

Chrissy's Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter are full of pictures and videos of heavenly creations that she, John, and her mother make on the regular.

Her bestselling cookbook, Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat, and the announcement of a sequel, puts forth positive messages about eating and body image by encouraging readers to eat what tastes good.

Here are 10 reasons why Chrissy Teigen is goals AF.

Goal #1: She wrote her own damn cookbook, which is full of heavenly recipes.

Goal #2: She doesn't give a f*** about how many spoons of oil are in pizza. After all, pizza tastes way better than oil.

She responded to this tweet ... 

... in the best way possible.

Goal #3: Not only does she have the cutest kid on Earth, but she dresses her adorable baby, Luna, in scrumptious Halloween costumes.

.... can you say cute AF???

Goal #4: She shares the most delicious food porn vids on social media.

Goal #5: Her "lifetime dream" is a wheel of cheese.

Her caption? "John got me my lifetime dream for Christmas! A cheese wheel to dump pasta and risotto in for years to come! My tableside serving game is bout to be liiiiiit! Heading out to relax with the fam now woohoo! ❤️🌴☀️" — adorable, right?

Goal #6: She cooks feasts in full glam because she's diva with a capital D.

Goal #7: She accidentally died her fingers green before the Grammy's.

Goal #8: She bought John a fried chicken onesie...

...and bought herself a KFC onesie with Colonel Sanders on it, because why not?

Goal #9: She shares pics of her delicious feasts on social media, making us all wish we were invited to Chrissy Teigen's dinner parties. 

Goal #10: Even she knows she's goals...

If this didn't convince you that Chrissy Teigen is goals, then something's wrong with you. Chrissy, if you're reading this, I love you.