Have you been looking for someone who perfectly balances inhaling a giant late night snack, killing it in the food industry, and looking #flawless 24/7? Introducing Chrissy Teigen. She’s married to John Legend. She’s a Sports Illustrated model. She makes appearances on the Cooking Channel. And just like you, she’s shamelessly obsessed with food.

We first heard about Chrissy through her numerous other talents, but once we found out about her love for food, we had to know more. Turns out Chrissy has had a passion for food since she was little.

She grew up in a household with Thai-inspired cuisine thanks to her mother’s heritage. Thanks to the Asian fusion dishes she ate as after school snacks, Chrissy’s own passion for food sparked after she left home. With original plans to become a chef, Chrissy went through culinary school. However, a change of career path came when a photographer discovered her in a California surf shop and turned her into the international superstar she is today. Casual.

Strutting runways has not stopped Chrissy from exploring her love for food or from sharing her obsession with us. Jet-setting around the world makes for a lot of food discoveries, and Chrissy keeps an updated food blog with things she eats and makes along her travels.

Want some live Chrissy T-action? She frequents the Cooking Channel with features on her wedding tasting menu in a segment called “Chrissy Teigen’s Hungry” and a recently filmed special, “Cookies and Cocktails.” You can also catch her as a judge on MTV 2’s show “Snack Off,” an amateur cooking show all about snacks. Yum.

If all of the above has not hooked you yet, here are some final reasons on why we put her at the top of our foodie crush list. First up, her Instagram.

Who would’ve thought to make a grilled cheese with brie, peaches, and sweet chili? Chrissy did. And she prepped it like a pro.

Grilled cheese with brie, peaches and sweet chili!

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She shut down our lobster roll cravings with this hot butter crab and avocado roll. Just wow.

Hot butter crab and avocado rolls. Bye bye lobster rolls you has been had!

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Even her workout socks are up to par.

My workout socks are donuts

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Still not convinced why Chrissy should be the face of the food-lovers movement? Her Twitter presence is HYSTERICAL.

Yeah, she posted a rant about chicken fried steak. She has a point. She will revolutionize how we talk about food.

Thirdly, she’s no poser; Chrissy kills it in the kitchen. Check out her full food bible, Delushious. Craving bacon wrapped jalapeño poppers? She’s got you covered. Want to know what her Korean BBQ Kalbi ribs taste like? Make them yourself. And keep an eye out for her cookbook coming out soon. We’re already making an alter for it.

We love her because she loves food, and we respect her because she does not refer to herself as a “foodie” or a “food snob”; she just likes to eat, and she’s damned good at it.

Final props go to her shamelessly uploading visual proof of drunchies. Case in point.