Just in cased ya missed it, the Grammy's were Sunday night. Beyoncé and Adele made us all cry, Twenty One Pilots took their pants off, and Chrissy Teigen showed up with a green thumb.

According to Teigen's Twitter, she was having a little too much fun with some Fun Dip and consequently stained her fingers green prior to the event. Check out what happened when the realest celebrity on social media got a blast from candies passed

These are times when we must be thankful that the Internet exists. With the announcement of Teigen's sugary mishap, a flood of solutions/remedies for her candy craving side effect came to the surface. Here's what some of them suggested. 

The Tried, Tested, and True

Reported to also work on Cheetos stained fingers and water damaged iPhones.

The Logical Explanation

Creative, but it's hard for me to picture Chrissy Teigen getting angry.

The Go Big or Go Home

Great excuse to dive into another pack of Fun Dip, amirite?

The Newest Spray Tan Alternative

There's no such thing as taking it too far when it comes to Fun Dip.

The People Who Don't Understand the Beauty of Two Courses

According to Legend and Teigen's red carpet interview, Chrissy used the stick as an appetizer duhhhh.


I mean, I would be, too. When in doubt, talk about food. 

The Aftermath, and the Ultimate Solution

While Teigen's nail may have lost this battle, the Internet definitely won in its response. I don't know about you, but this moment solidified the fact that I want to be best friends with Chrissy Teigen.

There's not many people who can be featured in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, while also forgoing a juice cleanse for Fun Dip. So keep in mind, you're never too grownup, never too famous, and never on a diet too strict for Fun Dip.