This past semester I studied abroad in London, England and there were a few foods that I missed whilst there. Being back in the States, however, I am missing some British goods.

1. Jaffa Cakes

orange, cake, chocolate
Tatum Kenrick

These perfect biscuits are made of sponge cakes with orange marmalade and melted chocolate on top. It was my favorite snack in London, and I am gutted to say I cannot find them in the U.S. I'll have to bake this orange chocolate cake instead.

2. An Abundance of Tea

hot chocolate, chocolate, cream, cappuccino, tea, milk, espresso, coffee
Julie Lau

The tea I drank in London was Earl Grey, which is stronger over the pond. If you want the most authentic British Earl Grey in the States, try Twinings Extra Bold Earl Grey

3. English Breakfasts

sausage, toast, bacon, egg
Alison Weissbrot

What could be better than a big plate of eggs, beans, bread, veggies and meats after a night at the pub? Making one yourself is also yummy and simple. 

#SpoonTip: Be sure to try some of the black pudding. It might not sound too appealing, but its actually delicious. 

4. British Chocolate 

candy, chocolate, soda
Olivia Sandhu

The variety of chocolates the British offer is amazing. Who knew putting honeycomb into a chocolate bar would be so delicious? But nothing beats a classic 99p (a vanilla ice cream with a flake stuck in it). 

5. Sunday Roasts

Heather-Jade Stanley

One of my favorite activities in London was to head to the pub for a Sunday roast. I would usually go for the roast beef with roast veggies, a Yorkshire pudding and potatoes. The perfect ending to the weekend.

6. Amazing Indian Food

chicken, curry, rice
Eunice Choi

There's an abundance of Indian food in London, especially in East London on Brick Lane. Dishoom is a London classic where you'll find some of most authentic Indian food outside the subcontinent. 

7. Fantastic Baked Goods

bread, sponge cake, jam, butter, chocolate, candy, cream, pastry, sweet, cake
Katherine O'Malley

While writing papers and studying for exams, I would often find myself at a coffee shop drinking amazing espresso and snacking on the best cakes, biscuits and bars. I'm definitely going to recreate some lemon pound cake this summer.

8. Fish and Chips

meat, chips, french fries, sauce, fish, fish and chips
Noelle Johnson

Who can study abroad in London without getting fish and chips? Since I'm not a haddock fan I always got plaice or shrimp, which is just as delicious.

#SpoonTip: Get a side of curry sauce (available at most chippies) to dip your chips. One of the best eats ever.

9. Camden Town Brewery

chocolate, coffee, beer
Sam Birmingham

Now, I couldn't write an article about studying abroad in England without mentioning the beer. My favorite local beer was Camden Pale Ale by Camden Town Brewery. Not available in the States, but it'll make my return to London all the better.

I hope this article gave some of you inspiration for what to look out for if you travel to London. The UK is home to some amazing food, drink and people.