Since coming to Hofstra I've tried to expand my palate with a variety of cuisines in the surrounding area. I didn't want to just eat at the same chain restaurants that are in the state I'm from, but actually go to restaurants that will let me taste new flavors. It was hard to find places to go because not many restaurants or articles would come up when I tried to search online for suggestions. After being in Long Island for three years, I finally decided make a list of 15 restaurants I've been to, ranging in a variety of styles, for others to be able to know where to go to eat near Hofstra.

*Disclaimer: Most of these photographs are from other sources, but I have been to every restaurant on the list at least once.*

1. Sufiya's Grill

This Persian restaurant serves foods bursting with flavor and with significant portions. The location in East Meadow, Long Island is super easy to get to from Hofstra!

2. Cafe Baci 

A nice Italian restaurant who's prices aren't through-the-roof expensive. The dishes are tasty and it provides a pleasant dining experience. 

3. El Ajicito

This is probably the most underrated restaurant on this list. I came across it when I wanted Peruvian food and this place did not dissappoint. Definitely try the Chicha morada with your meal when you go. (That's the purple drink below)

Kristin Soltis

4. Fisherman's Catch

Seafood + a nice view of the water? Fisherman's Catch is the perfect place to go out for a great view with an even better meal. This place is admittedly slightly pricey, as can be expected at a restaurant on the water, so save for special occasions or when relatives visit.

5. Cozymel's Mexican Grill

Most authentic Mexican food I've had in the area. Amazing flavor in the food here. It may not look like much from the outside, but go in and experience the flavors.

6. Mac & Melts

A place dedicated to satisfying your craving for cheese. They have mac and cheese served in cast iron pots and a variety of melts to choose from.

7. Kaji Sushi and Lounge

For those sushi and japanese cuisine lovers, this quaint little place is perfect for lunch or dinner.

8. Margarita's Cafe

This lively restaurant has amazing food, occasional live mariachi music, and a special deal every night of the week! 

9. Your Mother's House

May not be what you think about as your mother's house, but this menu offers a pretty wide variety ranging from chicken wings to burgers to steak. It also has plenty of screens for sports entertainment. 

10. FYRE

Hibachi is always a fun time with dinner and a show. This place's prices aren't too high and the wait time normally isn't  outrageous either.

11. Grand Lux Cafe

A perfect restaurant for a date or just a nice dinner. If delicious pastas and steaks interest you then this is a good place to go, especially with its close location to Hofstra's campus.

12. Witches Brew

You'll certainly hear of this place from other students at Hofstra because of its untraditional, cozy seating and unique menu. It  has a plethora of vegan and vegetarian options to choose from as well as vast options of different teas and beverages. There's also delicious gluten-free and vegan desserts! 

Kristin Soltis

13. Biscuits and Barbeque

Keep your eyes peeled when looking for it because it's in a trailer-type building, but that doesn't bar from the flavor inside. This place goes from a flavorful Cajun restaurant to a mouth-watering brunch spot on the weekends.

14. Thomas's Ham and Eggery

This place serves amazing breakfast food, which is also why it gets so busy on the weekends! Get there early or work up an appetite while you wait because the food is worth it.

 15. Jamaican Flavors 

Last but not least, ending off this list with a Jamaican patties place*. The picture does not do it justice, but it's on the inside that counts for these mouthwatering flavors. They also have coco bread to wrap them in (seen on left patty). Most of the patties are only $2.50 too, and they're filling! 

*Take-out only

Kristin Soltis

There's of course many more restaurants in the area surrounding Hofstra, but these may be some that you would not know unless someone told you about them and how good they were. Now that you know about them, I hope you get to try as many of these as possible!