While I was walking around Times Square area after a day in the city with my family, I came across 5 Napkin Burger. This restaurant intrigued me not only because of its catchy name, but I am a burger enthusiast so I decided to give it a try. 

5 Napkin Burger currently has 4 different locations in NYC and 1 in Boston. In NYC you can find this amazing burger joint in Hell's Kitchen, Union Square, the Upper West Side, and the Upper East Side. 


I have been to 5 Napkin Burger over 10 times because I love it that much. I am personally more of a fan of the food than the atmosphere, but my friends love the vibe. As soon as you walk in, you are instantly greeted by an energetic hostess who is ready to escort you to your table. That is if you have made a reservation beforehand for the most part, because usually all of the tables are full if you just walk in.

The tables are pretty close together so it is kind of tight, but due to this specific set of seatings, I have met some nice tourists, and it was a pleasant experience to get to know them. There is a lot of noise, from customer conversations to waiters walking around. If you are interested in having good conversations with your friends or family, I would recommend trying a quieter place, because unless you have fantastic hearing, it might be a little difficult to have a successful conversation.

The waiters look very polished with their uniforms and the restaurant is decorated more on the elegant side for a burger place. In the back of the Hell's Kitchen location, there is a bar against the wall that is usually filled with people watching sport games or enjoying cocktails. 


I usually don't get an appetizer when I go there, because I like to save room for the burgers and desserts. However, I've had the chance to try a few of the dishes, including the spinach and artichoke dip and the tempura shrimp.

The spinach and artichoke dip is extremely creamy and consists of pecorino, crostini, and endive. The dip is served warm alongside some crispy bread, which makes it 10 times better! This appetizer costs around $12, but it is worth every penny.

The tempura shrimp is delicious if you are a fan of sea food. It was battered to perfection and was very good. This dish comes with a side of Yuzu tartar dipping sauce, which enhances the flavor of the shrimp. This appetizer costs around $12, a good price point for sea food. 


This is the section you have been waiting for and these burgers don't disappoint. I absolutely love these burgers as they are the perfect combination between moist and crispy. The burgers cost $14 and it is good to keep in mind that the price does not include fries

My personal favorite burger is the 5 Napkin Burger. The 5 Napkin Burger is made of all natural beef, imported gruyère, caramelized onions and rosemary-garlic aioli. This burger sold me because of the caramelized onions. I love caramelized onions and they taste great alongside the gruyère.

The veggie burger from 5 Napkin Burger is probably the best veggie burger I have ever had. This burger is made out of so many ingredients the menu cannot even list them all! This burger is topped with 5N sauce, B&B pickles, and is on a multigrain roll. This burger is the perfect option for those who are vegetarian, vegan, or just prefer veggie burgers!

Other Menu Items

The menu at 5 Napkin Burger also has additional dishes including sushi, chicken and waffles, and salad bowls. I have never tried any of these so I can't write my thoughts on them, but I have heard from friends that they are delicious! 

The sushi costs between $14.25-$17.50, the chicken and waffles cost $18, and the salad bowls are $17.


Dessert is my favorite part of any meal and 5 Napkin Burger does not disappoint. The desserts include: N.Y style cheesecake, chocolate lava cake, six layer carrot cake, brownie sundae, root beer float, vanilla shake, cookies n cream shake, s'mores shake, strawberry shake, and ice cream/sorbet. 

I have only had the brownie sundae and it was amazing. The sundae consists of dark chocolate and salted caramel sauce, vanilla bean ice cream, and candied peanuts. The sundae will cost you around $8 dollars, so you are getting a bang for your buck.

My parents tried the six layer carrot cake and they thought it was so tasty. The carrot cake consists of cream cheese icing, pecans, and coconut. This slice of cake costs around $11 dollars, but is enough to share among two people!


5 Napkin Burger also has a bar in the back of the restaurant which includes draft beer, white and red wine, craft beer, and bottled beer. 

Final Thoughts

5 Napkin Burger is a restaurant that you definitely want to take a look at the next time you are in New York City or Boston. The food is delicious, the desserts are sweet, and the service is great. 

To view the full menu, click here