Bellingham is a small city located about twenty-one miles from the Canadian Border in upper Washington. Bellingham is full of historical landmarks, delicious food places, beautiful views, and is the home of Western Washington University. Here are a few things that are worth checking out when taking a trip to Bellingham.

Mallard Ice Cream

Breeanna Tromp

Mallard Ice Cream is located in downtown Bellingham and is some of the best ice cream I have ever had. My friend and I tried the pistachio flavor (left cone) and the cookies and cream flavor (right cone). They are home to some interesting flavors  such as Cardamom, Vanilla Black Pepper, and Honey Mead with Almonds. They also offer dairy free sorbet flavors such as Fresh Strawberry or Fresh Mint Lemon Ice.

Mount Baker Theatre

Breeanna Tromp

Mount Baker Theatre is located in downtown Bellingham and is an amazing historical landmark. The outside and inside are "old-timey" and reflect the past. Plus, it is a great way to end the day after eating and walking around.

Community Food Co-op

Breeanna Tromp

The co-op is located in downtown Bellingham and has an abundance of fresh food and produce. The co-op has a market building and a bakery building. I went to the bakery and ate a salmon salad and it was delicious. The bakery offers salads, sandwiches, desserts, drinks, and more. The co-op bakery also has outdoor seating so it is a lovely place to sit down and eat lunch in the sunny weather!

Dirty Dan Statue

Breeanna Tromp

The Dirty Dan Statue is located in the Fairhaven Historic District and is a statue created after the founder of Fairhaven. The founder got the nickname of "Dirty Dan" because of his dirty appearance and crude manners. This statue is something many people from Bellingham will tell you to go see as it is a cool landmark.

Village Books

Village Books is located in the Fairhaven Historic District and is a giant bookstore with a cute cafe inside. It is the perfect place to grab a book, grab some coffee, and relax a little.

Tony's Coffee

Breeanna Tromp

Tony's Coffee is a cafe that has yummy drinks that are hot or cold that you can sip on while wandering through the cute and history filled district of Fairhaven. The cafe also serves food in case you want some breakfast or a snack.

Western Washington University

Breeanna Tromp

Western Washington University is located in Bellingham and is a massive and beautiful campus. The campus buildings and walkways are mostly made of red/orange brick which contrasts with the surrounding trees and makes the colors seem to "pop". The campus is also home to a stunning lookout by the VU which is where the photo above is taken from.

Boulevard Park

Boulevard park is located in Bellingham near Western Washington University. The park features a scenic and long dock that wraps around the beach. This is a great place to take your pup, chill with friends, read in a hammock, take a jog, or swim!

AB Crepes

AB Crepes is located in Bellingham and is home to yummy sweet and savory crepes. The sweet crepes include a S'mores crepe, Banana Cream Pie Crepe, or an Apple Pie Crepe. I definitely would not mind eating one of those for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The savory crepes include a Pulled Pork Crepe, a Hawaiian Crepe, or a Crepizza. Yum! If you're feeling like you want your own twist on a crepe, you can even build your own.