This week I went to an annual campus dessert tasting event for dinner hosted by UBC Food Society. I've never had dessert for dinner, and I don't think many people have. Our doctors and dentists wouldn't suggest it, but once in a while, our sweet tooth craves for our attention. Here are the eight stages of feels I experienced to get through this night. 

1. "OMG this is so cool."

tea, chocolate, cake
Charlotte Nip

My friend and I walked into a large room and there were eight tables set up, each with a distinct dessert on the centre of the table to be shared among our group. We sat down at a table and stared at the glazed, chocolate coffee almond cake. I could sense myself start to drool. The portions were really small, so I devoured it in one bite. If the first table was already this mouthwatering, then how could I prepare for the next?

2. "YAS, my favourite."

cookie, macaroon, sweetmeat, sweet, cake, chocolate, candy
Charlotte Nip

This table was macaroons, my favourite dessert that I dream of eating in Paris. I had never seen any of the flavours that were in the box in front of us: Orange blossom, Basil and Raspberry, Blueberry and Taro, Lavender, etc. We were only allowed to try one macaroon, but I knew if nobody was looking, I would have eaten them all.

3. "Uh, what is that?"

berry, sweet
Charlotte Nip

The next table is this really weird looking cake. I can't remember what the table server said it was, but it was so mushy and lemony. My photo isn't appealing enough for you to understand my confusion.

4. "I'm paying $$$$ to eat a piece of that?"

bread, sweet, meat, pork, chicken
Charlotte Nip

At this point in the night, although we were served small portions, I still felt my stomach starting to unsettle. Keep in mind this is not an average meal. My body was probably peaking at a sugar overload. This table had french croissant Taiyakis with different fillings: Nutella, red bean paste, and custard.  I wasn't really sure what was going on, but this cold and stale pastry definitely didn't help me or my stomach feel better. 

5. "What is going on?"

cream, sweet
Charlotte Nip

An hour in, I started to feel my stomach sour. All the small talk and empty words I was emitting didn't help. I don't even want to talk about this dessert. It contained nuts, so I wasn't able to eat it anyways. 


candy, cake, pastry, chocolate, sweet, doughnut
Charlotte Nip

We finally get back on track and Cartem donuts glimmer in my eyes. I was able to get the last bit of the renowned earl-grey donut. I felt so happy again. 

7. "I feel sick."

Charlotte Nip

My stomach was very frustrated with me at this point. It was screaming for vegetables, rice, meat, bread, anything but more sugary sweets. This table had these coated pieces of French toast. I tried the original flavoured one, which was the best I could do for my stomach. I was 99% done. 

8. "Ok, I'm done. I'm going home."

pastry, chocolate, cream, cake, cookie, tiramisu
Charlotte Nip

Ironically, we ended this emotional journey with one of my favourite desserts: Neapolitan cake. I quickly nibbled as fast as I could before my stomach crumbled. 

This experience has taught me the importance of a balanced meal.  It's great to feed our sweet tooths sometimes, but too much sugar makes us feel really sick and our stomachs unhappier.  I wonder what my dentist will say when he sees me really soon.