Downtown Boca Raton's Mizner Plaza, welcomes a new gourmet mini donut shop called  Doughboy.

Dorothy Sutton

Grand opening 

Doughboy opened their doors on October 28th and celebrated with the locals by offering  FREE DONUTS and lowering their price down to 50% for additional gourmet donut purchases.

The Donuts

Doughboy's mission is to redefine your relationship with donuts by serving you mouthwatering gourmet donuts topped with creative toppings such as green tea pocky sticks, toffee and chocolate, fruity pebbles and cinnamon toast crunch cereal and best of all BACON!

Aside from the fact that they are one of the only donuts shops in South Florida to serve bacon topped donuts, they are also one of the few shops in the nation that offers cookie butter icing donuts.


Right alongside their delicious donuts, Doughboy provides their costumers with Instagram worthy aesthetics that will bring your #foodporn Instagram posts up to another level.

                         Hours: MON CLOSED

                            TUES-FRI 8 AM TO 6 PM

                                     SAT 8 AM TO 8 PM

                                    SUN 8 AM TO 3 PM 


          126 NE 2nd St. (at Mizner Park), Boca Raton