Imagine this: a quaint tea house with beige walls, rustic blue wooden chairs, white pebbles covering the floor, and chirping birds. A small sign saying "Welcome to Our Old and Secret Garden: The Arabian Tea House Cafe & Restaurant" greets you as you enter. It's an oasis filled with the smells of rich Arabic cuisine; kebabs, fresh bread, and a million different spices. It is the best cultural food experience Dubai has to offer. This is the Arabian Tea House.

I love the Arabian Tea House because it feels like you are dining in someone's home. The food is made with love and care and presented in family-style portions so everyone can dig in! 

Let's talk about Tea! 

Famously known for its tea, The Arabian Tea House has a vast selection of loose-leaf teas ranging from Karak to Hibiscus. For leisurely sipping, everything is served in a hand-painted ceramic teapot with little glass cups. My favorite tea is the Karak, made with cardamom, cloves, ginger, fennel, and pepper. It is rich, sweet, and warms the soul.  

Anisha Johnson

They also offer a special afternoon tea which comes with traditional Arabic desserts like Leqaimat (fried dough balls soaked in date syrup), date cake, and chebab bread stuffed with Nutella. It is also accompanied by savory dishes like sambosa (puff pastry filled with cheese), and stewed chickpeas! Overall, the afternoon tea is a must-try if you have a few hours to spare in Dubai! 

Let's talk about Breakfast! 

My favorite meal at the Arabian Tea House is breakfast! Their breakfasts are served in trays with around eight dishes, almost like mini tapas plates. The Eygptian Breakfast Tray is always our go-to! It comes with foul beans, falafel, boiled eggs, fried potatoes, humus, white cheese with tomato, black molasses with tahini, and fresh, warm tanoor bread. The best part? Free bread refills! I love that you can try a little bit of everything and share it with your family and friends. 

Anisha Johnson

Another unique dish they serve during breakfast is fresh cream with honey. Each morning, when the chefs are boiling milk, they reserve the top layer of it to whip into fresh cream drizzled with honey. It's delightful served over some warm chebab bread with a side of karak chai! 

That's not all! 

While they are famous for their tea, don't let the name fool you! The Arabian Tea House offers plenty of other dishes for you to try, including kebabs, biryani, fattoush, soups, and more! They even have traditional ice cream flavors which are made with local camel milk, including date, baklawa, and saffron! The drink menu also spans far beyond tea, offering fresh fruit smoothies, juices, coffee, milkshakes, and laban (the Arabic version of buttermilk). 

There is something for everyone at the Arabian Tea House! Whether you're feeling adventurous and willing to try traditional Arabic foods or you want a more Westernized array of dishes, the menu will satisfy you. It is a one-of-a-kind experience with a lovely ambiance, delicious homemade food, great pricing, and fantastic hospitality. Please give it a go! 

Happy sipping!