If you've spent any time in Abu Dhabi, you've probably noticed the dominant influence of South Asian culture on the region- from Bollywood films in the cinemas, to the 1 Dirham chai on almost every street corner. So it isn't uncommon to find a wide range of Indian/Pakistani restaurants in the city as well. But as a self-proclaimed desi food connoisseur, I can confirm that Boti Street is one of the best Indian restaurants in Abu Dhabi, with spicy Mughlai food that'll feed your soul. 

Desi menus can be intimidating if you're unfamiliar with the food. Don't know what to try here as a first-timer? Here's a quick guide-

Appetizers are optional, but 100% worth it:

Order the Bihari kebab or Tandoori chicken to share with friends (they come with the best chutneys and dipping sauces). These melt-in-the-mouth grilled delights are sure to work up an appetite. 

Siya Chandrie

Always order naan:

Just do it. This piping hot, freshly made bread will take you to carb-heaven, and Boti Street's is absolutely fantastic. Personally, I'm a huge fan of their garlic naans, which complement their spicy curries perfectly. 

For a real spice hit:

Make sure you order the chicken karahi or chicken handi. These creamy curries, with a unique concoction of flavors will keep you craving for more even through the tears you'll shed because of the spice.

#SpoonTip- For the faint hearted who can't take spice, butter chicken might be a better option.


This sweet, yoghurt based beverage deserved a subheading of its own because it's the ideal companion to your spicy meal on a hot afternoon. Trust me, get yourself some lassi. 

Siya Chandrie

If you're vegetarian:

Don't fret! Boti Street's menu isn't just limited to chicken curries and kebabs. Try the Paneer Burji (spiced minced cheese), dal fry (lentil soup), and aloo gobi (diced potato and cauliflower in sautéed onion and ground spices) with your naan. The quality of their vegetarian food options definitely puts it high up in my ranking of the best Indian restaurants in Abu Dhabi. 

Still unsure about trying it out?

An entire meal including appetizers and dessert at Boti Street comes to less than 30 Dirhams per person, which also makes it super reasonably priced for college students. Whether you're looking for an affordable way to try desi food, or a place that'll satisfy your spice craving- Boti Street is the answer.