1. Lemons

At the beginning of the pandemic, I noticed I could not find lemons anywhere. Either in person at the store or when using online services to get groceries delivered to me. I just can't understand why there were no lemons anywhere? Of all the foods (are lemons even considered a food) why lemons? 

juice, lemon, citrus, citron, lime, lemonade
Sarah Silbiger

One of my favorite ways to use lemons is for lemon water. Another favorite use is lemonade, obviously. I actually wrote an article about my perfect lemonade recipe! A third favorite is lemon chicken. I am seriously addicted! Lemon chicken was a staple meal for my family and I during the beginning of the pandemic, and I guess it was everyone else's too! 

2. Yeast 

Everyone turning into Betty Crocker the second the pandemic hit and started baking loaves of bread at home will be an iconic part of 2020 for years to come for sure.

bread, wheat, flour, cereal, crust, baguette, bun, rye, dough, yeast
Mia Fratto

I never really thought to make bread, probably because it was always so easily accessible in the stores. However, once the pandemic hit I really got into the bread baking wave myself. My favorite bread to make is Irish Soda Bread, preferably without raisins and with caraway seeds. My recipe on that will be out soon! 

3. Frozen vegetables 

It's amazing to me that it took a global pandemic for people to start thinking about vegetables. I hope they made good use of them too because I was definitely missing broccoli for a while.

broccoli, cabbage, vegetable, cauliflower
Kristine Mahan

I personally find frozen vegetables a lot more convenient because I feel like fresh vegetables go bad, or least get a little wilted and weird, a day after you buy them which can get really frustrating. I am a huge veggies fan and I had never had a problem getting veggies at the store before the pandemic. I hope people are eating their veggies more now!