Sometimes words just can't describe my relationship with food. It's like love at first sight. And some people don't understand where this love for food comes from, but these songs help to get the point across for those TFW moments with food.

1. That moment you're finally reunited with your favorite food after some time apart

Some foods just have a special place in my heart. I’m just lost without, and I may do some social media stalking for photos of it. When the time comes and we reunite, we fall in love all over again. 

2. When someone says that my food choice sucks

Your food choices are your food choices, whether they are good or bad

3. Coming home and remembering that there are leftovers are in the fridge

This victorious moment is the best way to end a day. Now there's no need to go back out, order Seamless, or spend any money.

4. Restaurants that give out free food

Somehow free food tastes better and is overall more amazing. As college students, any free food is good food.

5. Asking someone to get you food and they somehow completely mess it up, despite the fact that you repeated your order 20 times

Intentional or not, don’t mess with someone’s order. Just give them a quick phone call if you aren’t sure.

6. Trying a new food place and it ends up being mad disappointing

This is one of the most disappointing moments in a foodie’s life. It’s always exciting to try new food, and new places, but they do not always meet expectations.

7. When the recipe actually works

This is a double whammy: when the recipe works AND it is a replacement for your $10 order from a go-to place. 

8. Being introduced to a new food and it's  love at first taste

There's nothing more satisfying than trying something new and loving it a whole lot. 

9. Attending social gatherings for the food, and not really for the people

Catching up with friends and family is great and all, but what's even better is the amount of food that is usually at these kinds of gatherings. So the next time you're asked "So what do you want to do after college?", at least you can stuff your face before and after the interaction.

10. When your favorite dish is discounted at your go-to place

Sure, I end up feeling betrayed and all, but sometimes, things like this are just not in my control. I could look back at all of the memories that I have with this food dish, but I know that I have to move on and find a new food dish that I'll end up loving even more.

11. Hearing the words "on the house"

These few words are universal to every foodie. 

12. Finishing your favorite snack then realizing that it was limited edition and this may be the last you'll ever get to eat it

Remember those marvelous days of Dunkaroo, Wonderball, and Bugles? Yeah, it's like that.