It seems like nowadays the only qualification you need to have your own show on the Cooking Channel is to be a Z- list celebrity, and Vinny Guadagnino from The Jersey Shore is just adding to this list. The mama's boy of the Jersey Shore is touring America with his mom on Vinny & Ma Eat America.  It's basically Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives (minus the red Camaro and frosted tips).  

Instead, Vinny and his mom drive a silver ford around the country. For the sake of his mom, Vinny should probably put his phase of saying things like, "Say no to hoes" behind him.  

On the first episode of Vinny & Ma Eat America, the duo go to Texas for Asian noodles, honey, and pigs (yum)? Not going to lie, it was pretty weird. There was an awkward argument about where noodles originated and then they went to a bee hive.

Vinny's new show is definitely nothing like the Jersey Shore. On this show, the closest Vinny got to gym, tan, laundry was when his mom complained about how he never puts his laundry away (TMI).  

The second episode of Vinny & Ma Eat America was no better than the first one. Vinny and his mom ate chicken feet and bug tacos. There are roughly two million better things to travel to California to eat than those items. At least the episode had some more wonderful quotes.

You don't want to miss Vinny and his mom talking about how people can eat chicken feet because they can eat chicken fingers. But, don't worry, they tell the viewers that chicken fingers aren't actually fingers (wow, really)? This show isn't much more intelligent than the Jersey Shore was. 

Vinny's fist pumping days should have been over in 2012.  But, hey, give Vinny & Ma Eat America a try. You might even get a good quote for a bumper or a laptop sticker from the show.