New Jersey is famous for a lot of things, but very few of them have to do with food. In fact, most have to do with the beach, the parkway, or the GTL crew.

New Jersey

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Besides pork roll, New Jersey isn’t really known for its food scene, but it. Is. Lit. Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourself at these top food spots, conveniently located right near the ocean.

1. Donuts from Broad Street Dough Co.

New Jersey

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From classic frosting and sprinkles covered donuts to specials like red velvet or blueberry crumb, you can’t go wrong at this popular NJ spot. Can’t choose just one? Get a dozen and bring to the shore to share.

2. New Orleans Cold Brew from Rook

New Jersey

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A long day at the beach demands caffeine – get your fix in the most delicious way at Rook, which serves a variety of blends at over 9 locations near the shore (and counting).

#SpoonTip: With their text-to-order service, there’s no need to pass by if you’re in a rush – just text your order, show up 10 minutes later, and skip the line.

3. Açaí bowls from Kai Bowls

New Jersey

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Go bowls deep at this new Belmar smoothie shop. Whether you’re feeling something healthy or if you’re ready to indulge, you can find a bowl to satisfy any craving (AKA you can cover it in vegan Nutella). Plus, you can literally see the ocean from the storefront – perfect for bringing your bowl to an oceanside picnic.

4. Mac ‘n Cheese Burger from The Committed Pig

New Jersey

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Because a burger with mac and cheese always beats one with regular cheese – treat yo self; everyone needs a break from summer diets sometimes.

5. Any ice from Strollo’s

New Jersey

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Italian ice dispensed through a soft-serve machine might sound weird, but it’s so right on so many levels. All their flavors (there’s a ton) are creamier than regular Italian ice but lighter than the custard you find at places like Rita’s or Ralph’s.

#SpoonTip: Want to try something unusual but amazing? Go for the peanut butter ice.

6. Pork Roll Sandwich from Allenwood General Store

New Jersey

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We’re not going to get into the pork roll vs. Taylor Ham debate (it’s pork roll, won’t you accept it already, please), but no matter what you call New Jersey’s favorite breakfast sandwich meat, you’re sure to get a taste of classic Garden State fare at this family-owned shop.

7. Pancakes from Toast

New Jersey

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Buttermilk, chocolate chip, red velvet, gluten-free, carrot cake, bacon-stuffed, strawberry-topped… we could go on, but we think we’ve made our point.

8. Pizza from Talula’s

New Jersey

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Pizza that can compete with the best of New York’s is only a short drive from the Jersey Shore. Stop by Talula’s to get fresh, oven-baked, blistery-crusted pizza with any topping you could imagine, from bacon fat mashed potatoes to vegan sausage.

#SpoonTip: Who said pizza can’t be for breakfast? Come in the morning to get a brunch pie, topped with an egg (or two, or ten).

9. S’mores hot chocolate from Turning Point

New Jersey

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Taking a winter trip to the shore? Stay warm while bringing along a little piece of summer with this chocolate-and-graham-cracker-topped hot drink, campfire sold separately.

10. Truffle Fries from D’Jeet?

New Jersey

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If you’re feeling fancy, upgrade your usual summer must-eat to these truffle-infused crispy fries. Classy, yet still beach-friendly.