As a college student with minimal time and resources, it’s hard to keep my self-care routine in check. It seems like every time I try to form better habits, something comes along and makes it difficult. Luckily for me, I was able to find easy ways to make sure I was keeping my body healthy that took minimal time and effort, and treated my bank account nicely, as well.

1. Try Oil Pulling

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However nauseating this may sound, swishing around some coconut (or sunflower) oil can help whiten teeth, clear skin, and even boost your energy.

2. Eat almonds before bed

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Eating a handful of almonds before bed helps the body when it goes into its reparative state. Rich in calories, omega-3s, and healthy fats, almonds eaten around 30 minutes before bed give your body the energy and nutrients necessary to keep you at 100%.

3. Make a sugar scrub

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Sugar is really great for your skin, drawing in moisture from the air around you, regenerating your cells, and clearing your dead cells. Mix that with olive oil, which has its own added benefits, and your skin will be looking fresh and feeling silky in no time.

SpoonTip: Use this before shaving to lift the dead skin. Your razor will do all the hard work and just wash with soap after to clear the oil.

4. Infuse water

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Infused waters are tasty alternatives to sugar-filled juices and soda. Throwing some fruit and fresh herbs into your water can help you take in nutrients without added calories.

5. Use a hair mask instead of conditioner

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Hair masks, used up to twice per week, are awesome ways to keep your hair healthy. They contain ingredients that not only condition hair, but also work to detangle it. The longer your hair is, the better a hair mask is for you since your ends are probably older and need more attention.

6. Stop drinking coffee before bed

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You might find yourself working on a steady IV drip of caffeine, but the later you drink your coffee, the more likely it is that you’re wrecking your sleep pattern. Your last cup of coffee should probably be 6 hours before you plan on sleeping, so next time you consider that 5 pm pick-me-up, remember that you’re only increasing your chances of needing more coffee the next day.

7. Drink hot water with lemon in the morning

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Having a cup of warm water with lemon in the morning helps your digestive system and ups your vitamin C intake. It’ll also keep you hydrated throughout the day and help you lose weight.

SpoonTip: Add some cayenne pepper and ginger to create a super-boosted drink. 

Remember that your physical health and mental health are deeply intertwined, so the better your body feels, the happier you’ll be. But being healthy also doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy all of the things you love in moderation.

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