How to Make a Smoothie Bowl in Arnold Dining Commons

Step 1: Gather 4 Ingredients

This smoothie bowl only needs 4 ingredients, so it is super fast and easy to make before class. You will need a banana, granola, berries, and a smoothie made by the Arnold staff. 

cereal, banana, blueberry, sweet, berry, oatmeal, milk
Brittany Hatmaker

Step 2: Pour the Smoothie into a Bowl

Sometimes the smoothies are not thick enough to eat with a spoon. In this case, you can add yogurt to make it thicker. 

cream, soup
Brittany Hatmaker

Step 3: Add Banana

Cut up the banana and put it in the bowl. You probably won't need the whole banana, so you can eat the leftover banana by itself.

blueberry, banana
Brittany Hatmaker

Step 4: Add Granola

Arnold has the best granola--it is made from Nature Valley's Oats n' Honey bar. Add it to your smoothie bowl along with extra honey if the granola isn't sweet enough for you.

porridge, sweet, oatmeal, banana
Brittany Hatmaker

Step 5: Add Berries

On a lucky day, Arnold will serve strawberries or blueberries along with their usual assortment of cantaloupe, pineapple, and honeydew melon. You can cut up some strawberries to add to the bowl or use blueberries, depending on what is available. 

blueberry, oatmeal, sweet, banana
Brittany Hatmaker

And there you have it--a smoothie bowl that will (almost) rival Nekter's Acai Banana Berry Bowl. 

strawberry, muesli, cereal
Nicole Cohen