I am a Michigander born and raised, so I HAVE to use Michigan Cottage Cheese. It's a requirement; not that Daisy brand all those out-of-state people use. I'm talking about that cool dark blue container with the familiar red mitten displayed perfectly on it.

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Molly McGeeney

You may be thinking, why would anyone write an article on one of the blandest dairy products in the market? Alone, cottage cheese may not be the most flavorful, but there are plenty of tasty food choices that can be perfectly paired with it. You have to find a way to make it your own.

Here are five ways you can jazz up your Michigan Cottage Cheese and completely own it:

1. Fruit Please!

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Molly McGeeney

Half of my family believes cottage cheese was made for fruit; they say it's the perfect blend of sweet and smooth. There are all kinds of fresh fruit you can add to your cottage cheese, but pineapples and peaches are my absolute favorite. Peaches and cream had to get their origin from somewhere, right?   

2. Bring on the Crunch

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Molly McGeeney

This may sound strange, but the best way to eat cottage cheese, according to my uncle Richard, is atop a reduced-fat ruffle. Yep, you read that right, a potato chip!

Potato chips add a satisfying crunch to this creamy snack, and can serve as the perfect "chip and dip" if you aren't a fan of french onion or queso. 

3. The Spice of Life

By adding fresh ground black pepper to your cottage cheese, you will soon discover that you can add an entirely new flavor.

Some of my other favorite spices include "The Judge", a heaven sent garlic pepper mix, or a  simple BBQ rub. Trust me, you will never go back to plain old cottage cheese after this.

4. Al Fresco

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Molly McGeeney

Obsessed with Caprese Salad? Try cherry tomatoes with your cottage cheese. This combo replaces the mozzarella with cottage cheese instead. If you are feeling fancy, you could also add Italian seasonings such as basil, oregano, or parsley to spice it up.

5. South of the Border 

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If you've never tried sweet potato and onion Triscuits, you need to go to your local grocery store now and pick up a box.  These baked crackers can turn cottage cheese into a fun and handheld snack. Using Triscuits also provides you with more options and flavors, besides a potato chip. 

Molly McGeeney

If there's one thing that I've learned, its that no matter how much you want to love cottage cheese, it is a personal preference. Not everybody is going to like the same things you do. So go ahead and jazz up your Michigan Cottage Cheese with some of your favorite snack items, and own it.