I, Heather-Jade, am an M&M's addict. Some may say I have an obsession. Ok, everybody would say that. That's why I believe that loading desserts with M&M's is like taking little bits of the rainbow and sprinkling it into something yummy. 

Before we get started, it's probably pretty important that you take this quiz and find out which M&M you are. Always best to know which dessert is best for your personality — I'm milk chocolate, which I'm sure you were dying to know.

Put on your aprons; here are 10 M&M desserts to get stuck into:

1. Slutty Brownies ft. M&Ms, Marshmallows, Pretzels and Peppermint Bark

corn, cereal, sweet, chocolate, candy
Kelley Buck

Slutty brownies? I don't even know what that means but I know that I like it. Look at the chocolatey multi-colored goodness! This would be a huge hit in my house around Christmas — it takes less than an hour to create this masterpiece. 

2. Holiday M&M Cookies

cookie, fudge, ice, ice cream, chocolate, cake
Mary Kate Surette

Red and green M&Ms at Christmas: a classic. Christmas will be better for every fellow M&Ms addict, but tbh these cookies would be amazing any time of year. 

3. M&M Blondies

cream, cheese, sandwich
Alvin Zhou

Watching this recipe video made me simultaneously want to put on an apron and bust a move - I can't say I've ever had that combination occur before. It was fantastic. Also, I didn't know I could find layers so appealing. 

4. Slutty M&M Rice Krispie Treats 

cake, cookie, chocolate
Amanda Shulman

If you're that person who still tries to pass off homemade rice krispie treats as the dessert course of your dinner party, this is the recipe for you. Students can rejoice: this fancy version of a simple favorite won't break the bank. This recipe may also help you pass as a real adult. 

5. Mouthwatering Candy-Stuffed Pancakes

Gabrielle Scelzo

Quite simply we all need to accept that after looking at this recipe, breakfast will never be the same again. Though I don't want to discriminate... pancakes are a 24 hour snack and I'd say this makes a pretty kick-ass dessert. The reese's cups and m&m combo puts these pancakes on a whole new level. If you're a true M&Ms addict you'll skip dinner altogether and just have these badboys. 

6. Super Easy Chocolate Cake with 2-Ingredient Ganache 

cream, cake, goody, sweet, candy, chocolate
Katherine O'Malley

I don't know about you, but if I served anything with a ganache, I'd feel fancy AF. The M&M topping on this cake brings you back down to earth and ensures nobody will be jealous of your insane gourmet baking skills. Recipe states it serves 12... or 1, so this is my kind of dessert.

7. Red, White and Blue M&M Peppermint Bark

chocolate, sprinkles, birthday cake, cream, cake
Jayna Goldstein

...for when you're feeling patriotic. If The 4th July was a dessert, this would be it. What better way to celebrate America's glorious freedom from the British (my American ED wrote this sentence) than by eating this concoction of red, white and blue. M&M's are American after all (thank you google).

If you're British like me, though we lack the American enthusiasm for patriotism, we do share the same flag colors. I reckon this would look lovely on a table spread during the next Olympics? If not, make it with regular colors and enjoy with a cup of tea.

8. M&M's Rolo Pretzel Bites 

buttercream, chocolate
Olivia Chadwick

Bite-sized desserts are my favorite because you can have 25 of them and not even feel guilty...right? I like M&M's for this very reason. These M&M rolo bites are absolutely delicious (I have tried and tested the recipe) and super duper easy. Not to mention, these little bites of heaven arranged on a platter is an Instagram dream/dinner party crowd pleaser. 

9. Funfetti Cookies That Look Like Gooey Fireworks 

dairy product, bread, cake
Emily Klutz

Look at all of the ingredients! LOOK AT THEM! Its like Christmas and Halloween threw up in here...but in the best way. Take everything you like about sweets, treats and dessert and put them into one cookie - perfection.

#SpoonTip: Red and green M&M's are optional—I'm definitely a classic brown milk chocolate girl myself.

10. Everything-But-The-Kitchen-Sink Milkshake

chocolate ice cream, ice cream, sundae, chocolate, ice, cream
Jayna Goldstein

Here it is, the pièce de résistance; the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink milkshake! Desserts are taken to a whole new level when you can drink them. I feel like this is the type of creation I would have made as a child if I was left unattended in the kitchen. Give yourself and your friends a sugar rush with this masterpiece. 

So there you have it, the best desserts featuring M&Ms to satisfy those cravings. Or in my case, avoid withdrawals. If you're an M&M's addict like me, be sure to find out which M&M flavor you'll be reincarnated as  you know you want to.