I am sure no one can stand there and say with a straight face that they don’t enjoy a good ol’ bag of M&M’s.  You know, that fun and colorful button-shaped chocolate candy? I can never get enough.  

M&M’s come in all shapes and sizes (literally).  The company has crafted a flavor suited to everyone. Craving something salty? M&Ms have got you covered with their pretzel variety. How about a fresh aftertaste? Mint M&Ms should do the trick. Maybe you need a chocolate fix? Grab a bag of classic milk chocolate M&Ms. Is there anything a handful of M&M’s can’t fix?

Are you the type of person who is always looking for adventure? Or do you prefer lazy Saturday nights in the dorm? Find out which kind of M&M suits your personality best.

  1. If you were to go on vacation you would go to:

  2. Your friends would describe you as:

  3. Your roommate asks if a friend can stay in the room for the weekend, you say:

  4. You're favorite meal would have to be:

  5. You are invited to a party, what do you wear?

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