Well, here we are again, folks. Let the craze of wide-eyed shoppers, endless receipts, and limitless lines take over and rain on your holiday parade… or, you could make this easy homemade holiday gift in the comfort of your own kitchen! All it requires are three simple ingredients: sugar, olive oil, and vanilla extract. Yes, you guessed it–it’s a vanilla sugar scrub! 

Our easy homemade holiday gift idea:

Ingredients  - 

1. Sugar (any kind)

2. Olive oil

3. Vanilla extract

Directions - 

This is pretty much an “I’ll add a handful of this,” and “maybe a little drop of that,” kind of ordeal. The exact ratios are up to you - start with as much sugar as you want, and then add a bit of oil at a time until it reaches a consistency that you like.

Blakely Spoor

Then, for that extra “spa” factor, add a few drops of vanilla extract for scent.

Blakely Spoor

This is an easy homemade - and technically edible - gift that anyone will love. Who doesn’t want exfoliated skin that smells like a sweet treat?

Gift this to your mom, your best friend, or your significant other… or all three! They will love it–guaranteed.

Blakely Spoor

If you are hoping to gift something that is edible but not pure sugar, check out this article for something a little less sweet... but not by too much. 

Happy Holidays!