Spoon University was created by college students for college students, specifically ones who are looking to expand what's on their plate (literally and figuratively). Not only will you be able to find out how to make a cake using the microwave in your room, but you can make lifelong connections and friendships! Now that Spoon University is finally at Oglethorpe University, here is what you can look forward to:

1. Great eats! (of course)

Not only will you be talking about food, you'll be eating it as well. Through this program, you can experience new restaurants in your area that are affordable (we all know that college budget), great places to hang out on Friday nights and even places that are diet friendly for everyone. Want something other than cafe food but close to campus? Town Brookhaven has great places to go, and we'll tell you the best ones.

If you like to cook for yourself, since it gives you more control, we got you. With Spoon, there are tons of college budget and dorm-friendly recipes that are fun to try. You will have the opportunity of learning new recipes or you can even create your own! (creating your own content can get you A LOT of recognition just sayyiinngg...)

2. Make new friends

You will be able to meet new people and expand your friend group, and I never met anyone who doesn't like doing that. With Oglethorpe being such a diverse campus, it allows you to meet people of different backgrounds and bond over food! You can learn about the food in the country that your new friend comes from, or even learn about food traditions you have never heard of in the state we live in.

Plus, through highlighting all of the different cultures on campus, we have the ability to educate not only those apart of the chapter, but everyone we reach outside of it.

3. Build and perfect your craft

Spoon isn't only for students that love food, you can prosper in other areas as well.  Want to get into photography, or looking to expand on your already existing skills? Apply to be a photographer! You want to write for the New York Times or just want to be better at writing in general? Apply to be a writer! Looking into public relations or is social media literally your life? Apply to be a marketer! Any type of experience in your field of interest will look good on your resume in the future. *hint hint*

Everyone does something different, but at the end of the day, we all come together to make us one.

4. Why not?

Who doesn't like new experiences and food mixed together? I know I do. Joining our chapter and building with us will benefit you in the long run. As a founding chapter member, you can help shape what our future holds for incoming classes as far as we can see.

Interested yet? You can let us know by applying for our chapter through here! I'm looking forward to meeting you! :)