The only experience I have with “making” pizza is popping the frozen ones in the oven or having it delivered directly to my door. I’ve never actually made one for myself or anyone else, so making a pizza from scratch was a new experience for me. Being a college student is already a financial struggle, so who wants to order a pizza when it's probably easier (and cheaper) to make one of your own?

Pizza Workshop 

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Angelina Bruno

Recently, I had the chance to make my own pizza from scratch with the USFSP's Cook Masters Club. The group meets twice a week and puts together events that get foodies excited; restaurant tours, food demos, competitions, yo name it. When I first heard about the Pizza Workshop, I instantly pictured myself like one of the professionals - throwing the dough in the air and catching it gracefully af. Well, half of that daydream happened.

Making a Pizza

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Angelina Bruno

The pizza making process is exciting and it really tests your creativity. Fortunately for us, we had the opportunity to do whatever kind of pizza we wanted. I decided to do something different and make a half eggplant parmesan/half pepperoni pizza. It felt like I’d gone in a trance while pounding the dough from a ball into a flat surface. If you have some residual feelings about a situation, flatten some pizza dough; those pounds eliminate any kind of frustration you have that day. 

Pizza Night

Angelina Bruno

It’s fun doing something like this because now I know how to make one from scratch in my own kitchen. Even if you live in a dorm, it’s easy to get all your besties together and have a pizza night seeing who can be the most creative. Make it into a contest and whoever has the most creative pizza gets a free one of their choice. And at the very least, you can make a pizza at 2am when the munchies are kicking in and Domino's won't deliver.