Even though we are in college, we still love to throw it back to the good ol’ days when life was a lot simpler. Whether it’s eating food to look younger or trying to adult with packed lunches, we always refer to the basics… even the ABC’s.

Here is the alphabet as told by a college kids diet, it’s easy as 1-2-3:


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Who knew they could do more than be an ingredient for guac?! With new trends like avocado toast, see which avocado trend you are/should try.


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Since we were kids, butter has undergone a serious transformation. Now there are a million kinds of butter: cookie butter, peanut butter and the traditional stuff. Click here to try a bunch of ways to keep butter in your diet.


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Because in college, we all learn to depend on caffeine. Here’s what will happen when you try to quit.


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Because the strawberry and chocolate donuts we used to get at Dunkin aren’t the only flavors available anymore. Here are some of the newest flavors invented by donut scientists.


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Because in college you are forced to eat them in more ways than scrambled. Here’s a way to get that protein in your diet with some veggies, too.

Fried Food

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Always a go-to. Especially because for the past few years, the trend has been to fry every food (even vegetables like carrots).

Gummy Bears

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Not only are they an awesome pregame when soaked in vodka, but also a vitamin or a way to start drinking on a Thursday.


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No one cares about hazelnuts, but they’re a crucial ingredient in Nutella so we’ve learned to love them.

Ice Cream

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Always acceptable to eat by the pint. Also an excellent stand-in for human companionship and/or a relationship. Bae, who?

Jello Shots

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Because making your favorite childhood dessert into a drinking game is always fun.


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Even though it’s the trendy thing to eat, kale can be unpleasant to eat if you don’t know how to cook it properly. Here are five ways to make kale taste good.


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Because sometimes it’s the only way to drink coffee, and because it’s okay to be basic sometimes – PSL, anyone?

Mac and Cheese

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In a box, homemade or from the microwave, mac and cheese is always #1 in our hearts.

Netflix and Chill

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Netflix is the one constant in our crazy lives. It will always be there for you, with any snack, anytime.


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Yes, we may be college kids. And yes, we are supposed to behave in a more grown-up manner. And yes, we will always dunk our Oreos in milk. Sorry we’re not sorry.


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Late at night and for breakfast the next day, pizza is always a game-changer and a live-saver. Here is a recipe to help you make the night-to-day transition with your pizza.


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Cheese and carbs – need I say more? We know the Taco Cleanse will be over soon, so why not get ahead with the easier prep of a different quesadilla for every day of the week?


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Ramen: the ultimate college food. Now we find out you can do more than just add hot water to the flavor package and stir. Find out how to pimp your ramen here.


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Because stress-eating a whole jar of salsa in less than an hour is normal. Especially when the salsa is spiked with tequila.


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Because hot sauce cures the weird taste of any and all foods in the dining halls. Check out the best hot sauces to try with everything.

Uncooked Food

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We’ve all taken a bite of dinner and found that it wasn’t quite ready yet. But just throw it back in the microwave and you’ll be fine. Look no further for some inspiration: these recipes even help you in a time crunch.


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Veggies taste best when they’re in a Bloody Mary, so here’s how to make it the highlight of your Sunday Brunch.


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Now these yummy treats are for more than a snack to pair with football. Someone even took it as far to combine two of college student’s favorite things: breakfast and football. Now we can watch football and brunch at the same time.

X-mas Cookies

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Because no one hates when grandma sends cookies back to school with you right after Thanksgiving or the winter holidays. Find out which cookie best represents you.


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What you are expected to eat for breakfast instead of your Eggo. Here’s a lesson on yogurt to help you pass Breakfast 101.

Zzz (Late Night Snacks)

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Because no matter what night it is you can always use a snack before bed. This list of drunchies will give you some insight into your personality.