What it is:

OrderUp is the latest and greatest app out there right now. You can get food from places that don't deliver (ex. Chipolte), delivered to you! To your house, dorm, social event, or library. FYI ordering a Providence Coal Fired Pizza large margarita pizza to the library will automatically make you the coolest/most popular person in the library.

What can you get:

With all the wonderful food places Providence has to offer, OrderUp in this beautiful city is simply off the charts. You can get East Side Pockets, Soban, Providence Bagels, Ocean State Sandwich Co., Ben & Jerry's, Meeting St. Cafe, and many many more.

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Anteia Win


They also have a cool feature of Group Ordering. Multiple people can order from the same restaurant and get the food delivered all together (sounds perfect for the next office meeting). OR you can do "Order For Later" where you set up orders in advance to be delivered when ever you need!


They also constantly offer Flash Deals (one day only crazy discounts!). As a baller on a budget I always take these opportunities, like 99 cent Tropical Smoothies, $1 medium cheese pizza from Antonio's, or $1 Mac Bowls from Say Cheese (yes, please).


All you have to do is go to the App Store download "OrderUp". Easily set up and account; And start ordering! You can even use code: EATPVD to receive $7 your first order of $10 or more! How freaking awesome.

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Charli Spiegel

Side note:

OrderUp is creating a giant job network for students, which are hard to find around here. Not only that, but they let drivers create their own hours, and with a busy class schedule - this is so convenient. It's an all around good system helping everybody in Providence. (Me and my roommate are both drivers in our free time and we love it!)