Martha Stewart, beloved famous chef and lifestyle guru to all, has some pretty common guilty pleasures — one's similar to those of your average college student, actually. When she's craving a snack, contrary to what you might have thought, she isn't whipping herself up a sour cherry pie, a cheese Danish, or a Mediterranean-inspired dish. Instead, she's stealing cheese slices from her housekeeper's drawer.

"I steal American slices sometimes — in the plastic, it’s so horrible. But it’s such a good snack," Martha told Town & Country in an interview. 

Martha isn't even treating herself to the good cheese, you know, like the stuff behind the cheese counter at Whole Foods. She's eating American cheese! Just by comparing the color of American cheese slices and the color of milk, you know that whatever American cheese is, it isn't something natural. In fact, it's not even really cheese. The FDA requires that for a product to be labeled as "cheese," it must contain at least 51 percent real cheese. Therefore, American cheese, like Kraft Singles, are labeled as "pasteurized prepared cheese product.

But Martha doesn't just stop at cheese 

Martha Stewart's guilty pleasures extend to even more than just American cheese. 

This "domestic diva" also said that she enjoys "a spoon of really good organic peanut butter" (OK, normal), as well as pickled herring and liverwurst (uh, those are definitely different). 

It's kind of ironic that Martha prefers processed snacks over her very own cookie dough brownies or her crispy bagel, brie and blueberry bites (arguably better snacks). But as it turns out, Martha really is just like us and has been a fan of processed foods since she was a child. 

Growing up, Martha and her family often enjoyed good old-fashioned hot dogs for dinner, and sometimes a hot fudge sundae as a treat. Even though she has since made her own gourmet versions of these common foods, Martha seemingly still reserves a soft spot for her favorite processed snacks. 

So Martha, go ahead and eat your "cheese" slices and your peanut butter, but no need to feel guilty about these pleasures — we're not judging you. These snacks are downright delicious. On the other hand, feel free to keep the pickled herring and liverwurst to yourself.