Valentine's Day is approaching and you're either very excited or you have a hot date with netflix. If you're in the second situation, these food puns can help you out. They say the way to people's heart is through the stomach, and they are abso-freaking-lutely correct.

Since words cannoli say so much, here is how to score a valentine this 14th of Feburary.

1. Oh, The Good Ol' Corn

Kangan Kansal

A bit corny but sure will bring a smile on your crush's face.

2. I dare you to find a better pair

cake, sweet, chocolate, candy
Kangan Kansal

I would sacri-fries my life for you.

3. When You Finally Meet That Someone Special

Kangan Kansal

I am bananas for you.

4. Well, the first date must have coffee

chocolate, mocha, espresso, cappuccino, milk, coffee
Kangan Kansal

To espresso your feelings for that someone special.

5. You Are The Salsa To My Tacos

beer, tea, coffee
Kangan Kansal

The best place in life to be? At Taco stand.

6.  Hook, Line & Sinker

coffee, sake, alcohol, water, tea
Kangan Kansal

Of all the fish in the sea, aren't you glad I swam to you?

7.  I would like to make a toast here


Together, we are unbeatable.

8. True love

pizza, chocolate, tea, beer, coffee

There is nothing peanut butter and a spoon can't fix.

9.  Tea For Two Please

chocolate, beer, coffee

For there is always time for tea.

10.  You Are The Sprinkles On My Donut


All you need is Love and Donuts so love me and I'll get you all the donuts you need.

11. If You Were Ice Cream, You Would Be My Favourite Flavour

goody, pudding, candy, mousse, coffee, milk, sweet, chocolate, cream

This line would probably be most appropriate on Tinder or similar sites but then again, ICE CREAM. 

11.  When the moon hits your eye, like a pizza slice.


I didn't know how to say i like you so i ordered us pizza. 

12. Best Thing Since Slice Bread

tea, water, beer

This one is a little more sappy, but your Valentine will still appreciate it cause who doesn't like hummus.

13.  You Are Everything I Avo Wanted

Finding a suitable Valentine is almost as hard as finding the perfect avocado at the grocery store, so better find your avocado soon.

14. You Make Me Melt

beer, coffee, pizza

This may be sound cheesy but we'll make a really gouda couple together.