It was a casual Tuesday night, and I was chilling in total relaxation mode in my dorm doing homework. Think full on fuzzy pajamas, glasses on, hair in a lopsided bun and acne cream slathered on my face when I got a long-distance call from a “No Caller ID”. I answered with the full intention of asking them to take me off their list when a deep voice stated the cookie delivery man was outside my building.

This may seem like the introduction to a horror story, but it’s actually the opposite. It turns out my grandparents (who are back home in New Jersey and long-distance) had called a local bakery here in Gainesville and ordered some cookies to be delivered to my dorm. They gave me the sweetest heart-attack of my life. And then, if you can believe it, it happened again - but this time it was brownies from my aunt.

Julia Collins

Both of those gestures were so touching that I thought I would make a guide of places that can deliver food to your loved ones who are long-distance. Just call up the company, order your desired food and give them your person's address. I moved 900 miles away from my family for college, so food is an innovative, alternative way to connect long-distance with them as opposed to FaceTiming or mailing letters.

Whether you’re reading this as a college kid, parent, grandparent, aunt, cousin, sibling, best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, great-uncle or any other significant person in a family, this guide is for you. Just make sure to let the person know they have food on the way so they're not caught off guard :

Local Companies in Gainesville that Deliver:   

Leilani Barber

These are the companies my family has used to send me food and also ones that friends have raved about.

 - Brownie Guy through BiteSquad                                                   - Cold Stone Creamery through BiteSquad                                   - Gigi's Cupcakes through BiteSquad                                             - Midnight Cookies through their website

Other Popular Companies that Deliver:         

Julia Collins

I would recommend looking up chain sweet shops near the person you're sending the treat to and see if they deliver. Here are some other chain eateries that are present in Gainesville and also deliver. 

- Krispy Kreme through their website                                              - Carlo's Bakery through their website                                            - Pinkberry through ezcatering

Final Thoughts

Julia Collins

I hope you guys found this guide useful to help you in maintaining those special connections with your people even if they are far away. The long-distance concept can seem daunting, but when you spice (or should I say sweeten) up your connection in ways like this, it can make the distance between you seem smaller.