Everyone has a foodie friend in their life. In mine, it's me, so I know exactly what kind Valentine's Day gifts I would want from my significant other (if I had one). Here are Valentine's Day gifts out there to remind you that love does exist and that you should also treat yourself. 

A Classy Card

For a casual significant other, cards might be the way to go. And if you're challenged in the craft department and can't whip up an adorable card saying "you're the mac to my cheese" (because what is more romantic??) then you can try one of these beautiful and appropriately-food-themed Valentines Day cards

Cooking for Jeffrey

Maybe the most romantic cookbook out there since Ina Garten and Jeffrey are #relationshipgoals. This is perfect for anyone who loves cooking. If you need more convincing, watch some Barefoot Contessa and see how cute these two are in real life. 

Rice Krispie Treats

Nothing says romance like marshmallow treats designed specifically with your partner in mind. You can either customize your own or choose one of the Valentines Day packs. 

Champagne Bears

Trendy and romantic? You can't go wrong with champagne gummies. Sugarfina recommends the rosé roses, champagne bears, and sugar lips for that perfect Valentines day combination.  

The Cutest Wine Set

Because a glass of wine with dinner is always good for romance. The decanter may say "Ours", but as soon as that wine is in the "Mine" glass, you can bet I'm not sharing. 

Sweet Soap

Soap's a toughie because you don't want to be hinting that your Valentine smells. Luckily these shaped soaps are so cute that the thought won't even cross your significant other's mind.

A Wooden Spoon

Okay, it's a little rustic, but if there's anything a chef always needs it is a wooden spoon. In addition, this handle says "made with love" so there's always a cute little reminder of where the spoon came from. 

No matter what you get your significant other, be sure it's thoughtful and considerate. And if you're stuck at the last minute, restaurant reservations are always a heartfelt way to show you care by spending an evening together. Besides, if they're really a food lover, a yummy meal is probably all they want anyway.