Ever heard the saying, "A happy stomach makes a happy couple?" I haven't either. But it's so true! Here are 21 “official” U.S. holidays where you and your boo can share the best Instagram-worthy food moments.

1. New Year’s Day: Toast with champagne at a countdown party

champagne, wine
Isabella Nardone

Just because it's cliche doesn't mean it's out-of-date. What better way to get the year started than a toast to celebrate another year of being together? It's also a step (and sip) into the dream New Year's resolution you've always wanted: a food moment bucket list. 

2. Birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. : Share a milkshake at a diner 

coffee, chocolate, sweet, ice
Christin Urso

You'd probably prefer a shake all to yourself, but sharing is caring, amirite? I'm sure Mr. King would agree that taking food moments to celebrate unity, equality and togetherness - even with food - is the best kind of moment to wish on. Happy birthday to us. 

Spoontip: If you want different flavors, compromise - it's the key to any successful relationship. If anything, here are milkshake recipes to try at home. 

3. Groundhog Day: Treat them to the food they never stop eating 

sushi, fish, salmon, seafood, sashimi, tuna, rice, wasabi
Gabby Phi

If your person is as special as I think they are, then treating them to their food obsession (AKA sushi) on a day that is often ignored is the best time to prove they're unforgettable to you. So treat, eat and repeat, and capture food moments (and a stomachache) that they'll never forget...by doing it every year after. #foreverfoodmoments 

4. Valentine’s Day:  Check out that cute macaron shop on the corner and try something new together 

candy, sweet, chocolate, macaroon, cake, meringue, cookie, pistachio, cream, pastry, sweetmeat
Gabby Phi

Macarons are basically the grown-up version of candy hearts. They're delicate, sweet (and expensive) and the perfect excuse to remind your sweetheart that they'd be lonely and macaron-less without you. So eat up the love and good luck trying to share one cookie ('cause that's all you'll be able to afford).

SpoontipHere's the difference between macaron and macaroon. Please don't offend the corner shop. 

5. President’s Day: Go to a fancy restaurant and let them be served food you might expect to have at the White House 

toast, bacon, egg, croque madame, bread, ham, sandwich, egg yolk, butter, fried egg
Photo by Lily Chin

Although your bae is probably not the president (or maybe they are), this day is a heck of an opportunity to treat them like a winning candidate, 'cause we all deserve a little egg-in-toast moment before we go back to writing our representatives. Here's a french toast egg-in-a-hole recipe to try at home, if you want to get fancy with breakfast.  

6. Saint Patrick’s Day: Go bar hopping and drink something that could encourage a team hangover

beer, liquor, shots, Whiskey, alcohol
Sam Jesner

Although this holiday was intended to celebrate St. Patrick and his evangelistic efforts, it's morphed into a celebration of nationality over the years. On this day everyone is Irish, so either drink with your lass or laddie or go to church. At least you'll be hungover or singing hymns together #teamhangover. Here's how to survive St. Patrick's Day drinking

7. Tax Day: Treat them to comfort food at their favorite hangout spot 

candy, chocolate, sweet, goody
Gabby Phi

Yes, this is considered a holiday. Probably the most stressful one out there, but let's look at the positives: it's the perfect excuse to have food moments and eat through an entire cereal box or tub of Tom & Jerry's ice cream while binge-watching Game of Thrones on your couch. #taxdayiscoming 

8. Good Friday: Treat them to food that they like that you might not like yourself  

vegetarian, Herbs, cauliflower, Roasted cauliflower
Matthew Wenger

Since this day often represents selflessness and sacrifice, it's your chance to treat your love to what they want for a change. Even if they're vegetarian and you're not, this is your #foodmoment. And since this day often means fasting, going green for a day is a Good Friday thing to do.

Spoontip: Or you could just try eating like Jesus, 'cause fasting is overrated. 

9. Easter: Brunch 

brunch, top down, Eggs Benedict, french toast, Korean fusion
Luna Zhang

'Cause who doesn't want another excuse to brunch with your loved one after chasing down the Easter bunny or trying to stay calm in after-church traffic? Answer: No one. Especially your partner. Here's a recipe to recreate your perfect Instagram brunch without destroying the kitchen. 

10. Cinco de Mayo: Drink tequila and eat tacos from a food truck with them

tacos, chicken, vegetable, lettuce, meat, bread, tomato
Marissa Arnett

Firstly, #tequilashots depends on your drinking age. Second, the food truck has to be open for business. If it's not, be a nice chico and whip up some homemade tacos. Better yet, make Mexican hot chocolate pudding cups for dessert 'cause your bae be needing more than sugar skulls. Here are some other recipes to try. 

11. Mother’s Day: Eat whatever you made or store-bought for your mother 

apple pie, pie
Jocelyn Hsu

This is the one time of year you should not expect your mother to cook for you. Fend for yourself and make an apple pie or at least get one from Publix ('cause man those things are good). Pie is the perfect opportunity to share food moments and introduce the love of your life to your mother.

Spoontip: If you wish to be considered an adult, you should know how to cook something. Here's a recipe for a homemade apple pie. 

12. Memorial Day: Celebrate them with food that they'll always remember 

sweet, strawberry, juice, cream, berry, ice, cherry
Max Bartick

Remember to celebrate the soldiers who died defending this country with lowered flags and popsicles, but also remember to step up your #relationshipgoals because food moments lead to love moments and you don't know if they'll still be around tomorrow. Here are some American-themed foods you can make with your significant other.  

13. Father’s Day: Whatever your dad wants 

syrup, caramel, maple syrup
Katie Elliott

Your dad will probably want food. So indulge his #foodmood and open his heart to your new bae without the interrogation. The trick is distraction. Even if his food combo is enough to gross your bae into surrender, remember that you guys are #winning. 

Spoontip: Some disgusting combos might be his favorite, but here are 10 underrated food combos that he could try that might not make you gag.

14. Independence Day: Enjoy All-American food while watching fireworks

Jessi Jordan

Burgers. Fries. Mac n' Cheese. The list goes on and on. But what really matters is that your lover's plate always stays full enough to remind them that you got their back and their stomach. So rack up those food moments, kiss during the fireworks, and remember that Traditional American food is #1, according to Yelp Reviewers

15. Labor Day: Go to a posh lunch spot and don't let them work for it 

sandwich, bacon, lettuce, cheese
Nicole Lacasse

This day is supposed to celebrate equality for workers, so be sure to try and not work today and eat sandwiches on a date instead. And if anyone is working (like your waiter), then remember to give them a nice, big tip because #equalitycantwait.

Spoontip: If you can't get out of work, then be grateful about having a job at all and have food moments anyway. Here are some sandwiches to try. 

16. Columbus Day: Take a trip to the coffee shop on a holiday you're not sure how to celebrate

coffee, espresso, cappuccino, milk, mocha
Gabby Phi

Stay grounded with coffee (or tea) #foodpun. It's another way of saying, "I'm taking a break either way, so caffeine." Drink espresso and spend the day wondering what to do with your other half. Next thing you know, it'll be the end of the day and you'll still be coffee shop chillin'. And for those of you who work on this holiday, chew your coffee instead because you'll need the hit #coffeeaddict. 

17. Halloween: Celebrate the "Day of the Dead" with sugar skulls and a trip to Mexico  

candy, chocolate, goody, sweet, sweetmeat
Becky Hughes

Yes, this might be overkill - especially, the "trip to Mexico" part - but take it as your chance to capture a special food moment beyond dressing up as the rum to her coke. Here are some foodie Halloween couple costumes for you to try. Or just stay home and watch scary movies while cuddling and eating lots of Reese's. 

Spoontip: If you can't afford Mexico, bring "Dia de Los Muertos" to you instead by trying these sugar skull inspired recipes at home. 

18. Veterans Day: Eating whatever is available at an air show together 

chicken, sandwich, hot dog, cheese
Michael Schalk

The soldiers, the food, your partner, your freedom...It's all worth cheering for and eating over. So get your overpriced hot dog and enjoy lots of smoke in the air as metal objects fly by. Let it remind you to create food moments rather than wars. Unless they're over food, of course.

Spoontip: If you're not into airplanes, then try a baseball game. Here are 10 concession snack suggestions for either occasion.  

19. Thanksgiving Day: Volunteer at a soup kitchen and be thankful together

sweet, pie, cheese
Jocelyn Hsu

What better way to show gratitude than to give food? Feast on love and give all the turkey, cranberries, and pies away before the day is over, because food moments like these are annual. So enjoy the company of your lover while giving, before they all blame you for their post-Thanksgiving bloating. Then the leftovers are all yours. 

Spoontip: Here are some unique side dishes to consider this year if you're tired of the traditional. 

20. Black Friday: Eat your favorite ice cream while watching people fight over superficial things 

chocolate, ice, cream, ice cream, chocolate ice cream, waffle, wafer, gelato
Amelia Hitchens

I'd seriously be afraid to step outside my house, so if I'm going out, I'm eating. You and bae can park on the sidelines and watch the chaos unfold from a safe distance, making sure no one can run you over before you reach the cone 'cause food moments are better when you actually get to have them...

21. Christmas Day: Make the ultimate  gingerbread house together

cake, chocolate, candy, sweet, goody, cookie, pastry
Ethan Cappello

Let's be real, if you have the self-control to make a small house out of ingredients you'd rather eat instead, then that's pretty strong evidence of your level of commitment. If that doesn't show your bae you love them, then I don't know what will. Food moments make for real moments.

Veronica Kampfe

So you ready? You gotta be, 'cause your bae is huuungry. Even if you don't trust me, trust your gut (or better yet, theirs). Invest in food moments with your person and all the extra pounds will pay off. Nothing says "I love you" like twenty-one reasons to stuff yourselves. #happystomachsforlife